Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flapper Face Mannequin Head

Its time for another funky reinvention idea!  Yep its Tutorial Tuesday, when I tell all!  This hat form head started as a Styrofoam wig form.  I did look until I found one with a nice face, a lot of them are sort of scary.  I next mixed up some plaster to thicker than usual  consistency and 'painted' it on with a paint brush all over the form.

I used a comb in the hair area to simulate hair.  I figured a bob would be my best bet for a faux hair style, and since loved the pin curls I saw in pictures of my mother in the thirties,  I added a hint of those.

I painted her using craft paints, and a sharpy pin, for everything by the eyeliner, for which I actually used eyeliner, the kind with a tiny brush.
 I found a rustic candle stand and wrenched off the disk on the top, so I could just push the post up into the Styrofoam of the head to give her a stand.

When I was done, my ever clever and stylish daughter said the lips were creepy with the 'lines', so I repainted them with red, and I like her better too. 
Now for the disclaimer.  By the time I got her out for my flea.o.logy sale she had some of her plaster chipped off, as you can see on her forehead and base, so I sold her for $14 because I just didn't want to hassle with her anymore. In retrospect I should have given her a coat of varnish, or at least several sprays of clear coat, which I think would have made the plaster coating more durable. 

 If I find another Styrofoam head I like, I may make another, using what I learned from making this one.  I would love to see your attempt if you choose to make one.  Feel free to come back and leave a link in the comments for this post if you do

Thanks for coming to take a look, as always, its fun to share.


  1. Very cute Paula and I have to agree about the lips! They DO look better! The whole thing is pretty cute! xo

  2. The one I did, to keep the flowered hat from the
    "sisters pic," had one of those flat "faces". . . I tore pieces of Japanese paper that had flowers and leaves embedded, and decoupaged over. No stand, and not worth a picture at this point: because I left it as was, and didn't varnish over it, the paper has discolored over the years. But I still lurv it, being its mother n all. . .

    1. Must just be something in those Scandihoovian genes, eh?

    2. Or the 'Murcan Mongrel side, lol! Or maybe the mix?

  3. This is really interesting--attracted my attention on the blog hop. I don't know if I'd have a place for it in my home, but looks fun to make. You did a great job..and I like the red lips better too. : )

  4. I've never made one of these, but I do have three of these heads made from a heavier material than styrofoam. I love the look of the different personalities, and I use mine as hat stands. They are much better than a hanging hat stand because they keep the shape of the hat. Your flapper girl is cute!

  5. How fun! She is a cute little flapper girl! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters