Monday, March 10, 2014

The Vintage Whites Market Comes to Salt Lake Again!!

 What an amazing day Wendy and I had on Saturday.  Ever so much fun, and we both managed to empty our  pockets while loading up bags of treasures.... at the second annual Vintage Whites Market at the State Fair Park in Salt Lake City!

Don't you love the umbrellas in the entry?  Me too, Jenn of 3 Dotters Vintage Rentals put it together.  She is a genius when it comes to combining vintage goodness!

 As we turned to the left to start our vintage trek around the awesome historic building, we immediately ran into our friend Cathy's booth, but alas no Cathie.
 Next was Jenn's booth, and she even had a minute for a quick picture with Wendy and me.

Say Cheese!

 Then we headed up stairs ... loved these two pieces done by the same artistic vendor. 

 ... and we ran into these darling and talented sisters who sell at Treasures with me, Annette and Vicki!
 Loved this booth by the Perfect Pallet. How cute is the triple chair bench below?

This awesome ampersand was made by Shannon, one of the leaders of the FB Reclaimologist group I belong to on Face Book.

 Above is a shot of the main floor from the staircase ... so many people plus so many goodies just added up to so much energy and great memories.

Here I am with my load for the car ... underneath the cool bed shelf is a full set of printer's type, and it was super heavy!!  My purse is also crammed, and there's a bags of goodies hanging from the back of the dolly!  The cute round suitcase was Wendy's purchase from everyone's favorite flea.o.logy dealer, Vickie!
As we were headed out for the last time, I saw this cute girl keeping an eye on the goods her mom had bought, I asked for a picture, mentioning my blog as an excuse, and she said, "Sure, that's OK, my mom blogs too!"  That just made me laugh!

We finished our perfect day with lunch at Cafe Rio, and an hour of catching up!  How is it that friends always multiply the fun?  Thanks for an amazing day Wendy!

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  1. Glad you two had a good time. Sorry I missed seeing you both there, but I'm always late to the fair! LOL!