Saturday, December 24, 2016

Senate Square Christmas Market.

When we arrived here a lot of people told us the Christmas Markets were a must.  This picture is taken from the top of a huge set of stairs in front of a church. This is Senate square.
The booths are all in these small buildings, brought in for the temporary markets. There are other markets that are less well housed and are open all year, with more participating in better weather. 
Some people make crafts all year for their booths. Others are filled with commercial products. 
The old fashioned Merrygoround was a hit. 
The knit hats with yarn or fur poms are very popular here. 
This is a statue of Alexander the Second, often called the good czar because he allowed the them self rule during his reign, is a permanent feature of the square. 
Here he is shown with other market features.   It was fun to see a hay wagon ride being pulled through the streets too. 

It was a great outing. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Copper Kettles

Old copper kettles are plentiful here. 
I love the ones with the caps on the end of the spout. 
I've picked up a few to take the raw Danish modern look off in our apartment.  They so speak of heritage. I thought the IKEA birds were a good compliment.  Did you notice this one lacks a spout?  Since most of them are 20€ and up, I loved it because it was 2€. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

More Makeover Magic

And before you know it, we're back at the first thrift store we visited, a month ago. 
There are lots of newly made over goodies in the Plan B area. Great bench 
Interesting metal table 
Colorful chair 
Great dining set 
Perfect chairs 
Bright chest of drawers. 
Comfy chair 
Gads its plaids. 
Definitely my favorite. I'd love a lie down!