Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stacking Vintage Books.

Yep, its flea.o.logy eve ... and I am exhausted, but I thought I would show you a new project that I did for the sale.
These book stacks are fun and easy.  A graphic printed off on an old book page, that is then glued to the top book, really gives them charm.  I then tore muslin strips for tying them together.
As always the credit for the great graphics goes to Graphics Fairy
Here are a couple of pictures that I took of the book stacks during the sale.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chevron Shabby!

Going crazy here, still painting up a storm for flea.o.logy. 
Have had this 1930's drop leaf table for years .... hated to paint over the original patina, but it was just brown and lackluster, and no one wanted it.
Here's the new treatment ... boy does it take a long time to paint on chevrons, or should I say to mask off chevrons.   Did the blue stripes on one of the four chairs I painted to go with the table ... not sure I like it.  Which do you like best?
Oh, and call me crazy, but the table and chairs are all chalk paint, just waiting for a nice wax rub and some distressing ...
Last week I painted this little table, also from the 30's with a chevron top, leaving the natural old wood showing.
It sold on our FB Reclaimologists site within 10 minutes of listing. 
  So its back to the old paint brush for me ...

Monday, August 26, 2013

The American Homemaker's Canned Ham Trailer!

 What a fun Saturday I had ... Angie, the American Homemaker, premiered her canned ham trailer!!  All pink and turquoise and wonderful ... the perfect vintage traveling booth space and she is coming to flea.o.logy this Saturday!!! 

I adore her creative ceiling ... all covered with old fabrics and embroidered linens ... then decoupaged in place!!  What a creative girl, is our Angie!

 Doesn't it just take you back?  It does me for sure ... love the deco lines and especially the pink appliances ...
And she was serving fun and funky Hors d'Oeuvres from those old black and white cooking brochures that your see from the fifties ... the pictures are always black and white and nothing looks tasty ... but add some color and these ribbon sandwiches, green olive poppers, and maraschino cherry filled cooling were quite a hit!  I am personally a huge fan of ribbon sandwiches, and even served them at my wedding ...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lace Displays and Other Craft Supplies


 Since I had sold out of my lace dolls, yes it took more than a year .... I decided it was time to make some more, with one improvement.

The last ones I made, after seeing this great idea on Graphics Fairy, had no arms, just the sweet puffed sleeves ... which sort of bugged me.

So the new version got to keep their arms ...

 Here they are in the display I use for lace and buttons ...
And here they are, upper left, as a part of my larger display of elements for crafting!  Here are a few more shots of my crafter's space.


 This booth has been so fun to put together .... and I love looking for 'smalls' to add! 

 Thanks for stopping by .... I am off now, to do some serious junking and see if I can find more small goods to add.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Painter of White

 Another day spent getting ready for flea.o.logy ...  And today I seemed to have the white touch. 

 Above are most of the goodies I painted today .... 

The compote to the left,

 a screened picnic dome, and a large tray ...
 This is for the before pic of some sweet little spice canisters ... just a little dated, and so country looking.
I loved how they turned out with these simple labels that I found on Graphics Fairy ... perfect for my white booth, don't you think?

 I did break ranks once, because I could bring myself to paint the sweet 50's wire tray white ... it was begging for color!

I also got started on another mannequin ... here she is with just one coat of paper mache.

Many of the items I painted today will get special design treatments.  The chair with the slatted seat is one of 6, I will be painting its mates and a vintage drop leaf table to match ... I am thinking French blue accents, so stay tuned.
When my husband got home there was an array of white projects in the driveway and on the walks and I was gone ... our text exchange made me smile .... hope it makes you smile too!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wonderful White

Yep, flea.o.logy is fast approaching, in fact its a week from this Saturday .... of course that means lots of projects for me to get ready .... so I thought I would share a few.
Above are antique bottles with some paper lace, old book pages, torn muslin and great graphics from Graphics Fairy!

 I am doing an all white booth this time, so of course that means lots and lots of paint.  I found a few of these garden variety trophies at the second hand store the other day ... the shape of the trophy is great, the base, not so much, so ....

 I removed the base, and concocted one from junk parts I collect and always have on hand ....  I think it even looks better before painting.  (I used E6000 to glue it together)
... And here it is with white paint!

 Next I used some old 'mold builder' flexible molds to add some pizazz to some metal pots.  I made these for another project years ago, and it took so long to make them (one layer of mold builder at a time, with several hours of drying time in between) that I could never get rid of them.

 I filled the molds with plaster of Paris, and since the molds are flexible it was easy to wrap them around the buckets.  I let them dry over night, then cleaned up the over flow and painted them.  When the paint was dry I 'antiqued' them, and embellished them.
 I thought they turned out pretty cute!  Definitely going to try this method on some other goodies.

... and last of all is this cool old pine table.  It was probably home made from a pattern in a magazine in the early 1900's.   The wood had darkened, but, had never been finished.  It took just one coat of paint, but I loved the grain on the top so much, I hated to just paint over it.  I thought a pattern that covered some of the top would accentuate the grain in the contrasting areas.  A Chevron stripe was an obvious choice...
Well, I will be sharing more of my projects as I continue to get ready to the big sale, so feel free to drop on by!