Friday, March 29, 2013

Springtime Green House Display

Just thought I would share my little green house makeover.

I put it together last December as a snowy village ... made with painted and glittered dollar store houses, complete with a white picket fence.

The picket fence got to stay, but that is all ... I filled it with green Easter grass, placed my multi-colored depression glass candle sticks reinvented as egg holders, and a simple but fun and colorful display emerges!! 
Hope all is going well with your Easter Holiday preparations!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 Pitts of a Pear! Funky Vintage Show Booth

Here is the post I promised you two weeks ago ... all full of yummy pics of our 2 Pits of a Pear friends at the Vintage Whites Market, where their booth was, understandably, a big hit.

Meet Brandon and Tonya, and one of their creations!!

I love Brandon's style, most of the fun and funky are his creations ... Tonya is also talented, and they are a great, hard working Aunt and Nephew team!!

The sense of whimsy in their booth always makes me smile ... they are also great hunters and pickers, as you can see!!

The doll head sculptures all but sold out!

 AND it is looking as if we might be able to persuade them to come and sell at flea.o.logy on May 11th .... Yeah!  I can hardly wait!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Egg Hunting and Easter Dinner!

Today we cheated and had Easter a week early.  Two of the families in our extended family will be out of town next week, so we decided to do it early.  Yeah!  I made egg bags for the grandchildren who would be in attendance.  Decorating them with art from Graphics Fairy, scrapbook papers, doilies and vintage Rickrack.

I brought home a set of LuRay Pastels from the antique mall, that I have had for sale for several years, to dress my dining room table.

Then used mixed and matched pastel dishes and glass ware that I collected for a spring luncheon I did several years ago.  The center piece is just colored candle holders with plastic Easter eggs instead of candles, fun and easy!

We had a traditional menu with ham and cheesy potatoes, before getting ready to stage the Easter egg hunt.

My oldest grand child in attendance did the honors of hiding the eggs, pretty much the cutest Easter Bunny ever, don't you agree!

And here we see the seekers at the starting line, ready to rush the field!!
Of course the adults have the most fun watching the frenzied egg hunters scrurrying ...  Just wish we had been able to have all the grandchildren here, but these little hunters were darling!
Here's hoping your spring holiday will have lots of little people involved as well!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Dinner Center Piece!

Here we go again ... getting ready to celebrate our Easter and Spring dinner and egg hunt a week early! Grandma and Grandpa are off on a 'lovely' Caribbean cruise and will be on the water on Easter day. Thankfully my sister-in-law will be holding down the fort here at Broadstone ... but alas ... we have to have our traditional egg hunt. I started this week by putting together this centerpiece for our table.
I knew it needed more blue, (The plates were originally plain pink)so I decoupaged old Easter Post card images on the pink bunny plates.

These were two of my favorites on Graphics Fairy (Thanks again Karen) and they both had a lot of blue!! Yeah!

Here is the finished double tray, laden with Easter and spring items ... I know my Grandchildren will love it.
Oh, and I need to thank 2 Pitts of a Pear, the antique dealers from whom I bought the double tray, I loved it the moment I laid eyes on it. Only Brandon would have thought to put them together this way, or was it his talented Aunt Tonya? (Though it was black when I found it, so they might not recognize it now.)

Thanks for dropping by, and hope your pre-Easter experience is lovely!! Our second day of spring started with a snow storm here along the Wasatch Front.
So wish me well on our cruise ... after all the mishaps on cruise ships on the news, I am feeling a little apprehensive.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Natural Egg Dye

These eggs, and another 7 were all boiled in a pot with the papery skin of one medium yellow onion!!

 A customer at the antique mall this week mentioned that this is how he and his wife know if an egg in the fridge is hard boiled.
 I was making potato salad and it seemed like the perfect time to try it out.  Voila! I love them and their slight variations and natural stripes.
My granddaughter Eva was equally amazed ... now I just need to try it with red onion skins.  I have to admit that boiling the coloring agent with the eggs was super easy!  Does anyone know other natural dyes that would work for eggs?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Shadow Box Fun!

While at the Vintage Whites Market last week I found these small turquoise berry baskets ... had to have some!  Then ran into a lady who had purchased some of these tiny wooden chicks ... had to have some of those too.

 Naturally with new craft supplies on hand ... my mind started churning.  I had actually thought 'shadow box' when I picked up the baskets in the first place, so...
 with the addition of a sweet chicken and hatching egg picture from Graphics Fairy, I knew I was well on my way.

The feet for the bottom are actually pawns from a chess game ... with some yellow paint, of course. 
Thanks for coming along to share the whimsy!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Lamb Wreath

Well, you know the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."  This is the same coffee filter wreath that I posted a couple of weeks ago with the garland of miniature Easter post cards.  Loved the look but on my front door the blowzy spring weather kept the garland in a sad state.

I had the idea of tucking eggs into the wreath, but wanted to minimize color, so I decoupaged plastic eggs with old book pages.  Then added the medallions made from textured 'paper bag colored' paper, on which I added stick on letters.  Next I added our lamb friend, one of my favorite spring motifs, this one is from Graphics Fairy, as usual.  Last of all I added bits of French blue seam binding, just for color.

When I dug into my vintage supplies I found this old blue bell, and after cutting off the paper bell our lamb  originally wore, I added it to a bit of seam binding and tied him up in a bow.  I think Blue Bell is a lovely name for a lamb, don't you?  Well, thanks for coming along to see the remaking of my wreath ... all the details are glued on with hot glue, so I think I am safe from any rearranging by the elements!!
Our weather has turned warm and sunny ... and I am feeling almost as frisky as a lamb myself ... hope your spring days are lovely as well!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Whites Market - Salt Lake Style

Last Saturday some friends and I got a chance to attend the first ever Vintage Whites Market at the Fair Grounds in SLC.  I took a few pictures of my favorite things and people and thought I would share!

Kelli (shown on the right) and I headed out of Payson (an hour south of the Fair Grounds) so as to make it before opening.  She is shown here with a new acquaintance, who she dubbed her twin!! 
We stopped half way to pick up my friend Wendy, shown here in one of my favorite booths at the show.  Don't you love the 'spring bird's nests' in the front? Of course Wendy is pointing out a fun banner for my inspection, does she know me, or what!?

Friends Cathie and Jenn had this great collection of army training items for sale in their booths along with lots of other treasures!!
 I loved the fun bow tie price tags on these vintage shirts ... labeled 'hipster'.

Then ran into this cute hipster couple!!

Just loved this booth, shown in these three pictures ... everything was so charming, so white, so bookish and so ME!

Above is another banner that caught my eye, I have always been a fan of Dick and Jane.  How cute is that!!  Of course running into people you know is the other half  of the  fun ... there were three dealers from Treasures Antique Mall who were there as vendors ... Here I am with Gretchen, another dealer at the mall who came to shop like me!

Also ran into Lisa, the proprietor of a local shop called Brambles ... this was 15 minutes into the show, and the laundry cart she is pulling is full!  Such a speedy girl!  I truly coveted the industrial wire basket on wheels she is pushing... and when she had loaded all these goodies into her truck, she came back in and did some more shopping!!

There were so many things to desire, so very much eye candy to be enjoyed ... added to sharing with friends ... bags and bags of goodies to take home

and then picking up some lovely cupcakes from these cute bakers, so I think we can declare the whole day a huge success ...  I especially enjoyed meeting lots of out of state vendors, including 7 who also do the Farm Chick's Sale in Washington.  The booth were almost all amazing. But my very  favorite booth was outfitted by Two Pits of a Pear, who are actually dealers in our antique mall ... I have saved lots of pictures of their booth to be shared at a later date.

... and last of all, I wanted to share this extra fun entry display which was put together  by my friend Jenn, who is the owner of 3 Dotters Vintage Rentals,  I thought it was just amazing, don't you!!
Thanks all for coming along and sharing this fun junking adventure!!