Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fallow Frield Farm Day! Hooray!

Today's post is basically a photo essay.  These are pictures of the booth I spent four hours setting up at Fallow Field Farm today.  (If you are reading this today, September 29th, come on over, the info is on my right side bar!) What an amazing venue ... but I will save that for another post, another day.  If you are a regular follower I am sure you will see lots of pictures of items I have been getting ready this week.  Thanks for coming to share this event with me .... Enjoy!

Lots of the jewelry was created by my daughter-in-law, Nell.

Also, thought you might enjoy seeing my crammed van, this view is of  the back with the doors open ... it was full, full, full!!  Hope I have little to bring back ... well, I can wish!  :-)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Halloween Decor - 8/10 - Queen of Halloween Tray

My kids claim I am obsessed with Halloween.  I think they are just confused because I love the play Wicked, and Elphaba is my hero!! 
 I have been getting started on my Halloween decor, perhaps, early, and making some H crafts for the show I am doing this weekend.

I moved some of this decor from a shelf in my bedroom to the mantel in the dining room.  I then added some pumpkins on stands and the "Queen of Halloween" tray. For the tray I used the transfer method, where you scribble on the back of the original pattern, then trace over the pattern on top of the item you want the design on to leave a light penciled pattern. Then I used a sharpy to go over the pattern.  This is how the tray turned out!! 

 I would like to wish a happy Halloween month to all those of you who love Halloween!  Enjoy!  I would also like to thank Karen at Graphics Fairy for the great crown design, I have used it for many different projects.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn Porch Decor

Here I am just wishing I had time to go out and sit on the porch, but the day after tomorrow is set up day ... so I will get none of that for a while.

I did want to show you, though, that the orange rocker came home to sit of my porch until Christmas time.  Orange works great for months, perfect for Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving!!

Then while I was on my walk this morning, I noticed this cute porch all ready for fall and Halloween.  I thought it was charming and it made me smile!
However, I am pretty sure I embarrassed my walking partner, she just kept walking, as if to say "Who's that nut case?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Printing on Book Pages, Again!

Yep, this is me, the lady with black spray paint on her hands ...  I have been busy all day painting picture frames and printing off Graphics Fairy Halloween goodness on old book pages to use in them!

I am doing a fun outdoor craft and vintage market this weekend ... so I am using the crafty side of my brain.  All the frames are vintage or antique, except the lacy metal one, which made the cut because its just too cute.

I even finished off the backs with Halloween scrapbooking paper, something I would never have done for myself, but I love how they turned out. 
So if you are in the neighborhood on Saturday be sure to drop by the Fallow Field Farm, more information is on my right side bar.  Thanks

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Junk Necklace Extraordinaire!

So I worked my one Saturday a month, at the antique mall, last weekend.  The day was insanely busy, which is definitely a good thing!!
 In the midst of the craziness, this necklace walked it ... OK it didn't really walk, but WOW!! 
 Denise, the wearer of said necklace, was so fun to talk to .  She is in the process of starting her own online business.  She gathered these items from across the US, and I think she did an amazing job of putting it together!

Did you notice the vintage silhouette charms?  the game pieces?  the clock parts, the just plain junk? Yep and all added together with many of the pieces having special meaning, or sentimental value, its something like wearing a happifying* scrapbook

Meet Denise Pemberton, as I said, she is in the process of setting up things on line, so if you adore her necklace and need something approximately similar, you will have to contact her the old fashioned way .... via Alexander Graham Bell's invention at:

*This word was used by Galinda in Wicked, I didn't make it up .... promise!

Monday, September 24, 2012

French Laundry Fun!

I found this nice old mahogany piano bench from the 40's at a thrift store ...  It had a hideous red cover and a scarred finish, but great lines.

I painted it a soft off white and then using the Citrasolve method, added a French Laundry graphic I had on hand, and Fleur De Lis I found on Graphics Fairy, along with computer font words I lifted from the laundry emblem.

Because I used a vintage flour sack that had been bleached out, and the Citrasolve method is a bit imperfect, It ended up with an old laundry bag look!   Here it is shown with the apothecary jars I am taking to Fallow Field Farm this weekend.  If you are local (Utah County) information about the sale is on my right side bar.

Of course this sweet bench is also going along to Fallow Field Farm!!  Can't wait to share pictures of the sale, its a first for me. 
Oh and if you are reading this first thing Monday morning in Utah you can catch a segment about FFF on Studio 5 this morning.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Charming Ladies of the Canisters!

Just keeping busy this week working on projects for the Fallow Field Farm sale I am doing next Saturday. (See my right side bar for more info.)
 This is the second set of square canisters I have made up.  The first set had crowns and sold their first time out at flea.o.logy, the flea market I host at my historic home. This set is very different from the first set, because I have a hard time redoing the same thing,so here's a twist.

The sweet Edwardian portraits and the elaborate frames around the girls are all compliments of Karen at Graphics Fairy.  The polka dot band around the top is washi tape.  A nice triple spray of clear enamel seals the decoupage making it water proof, though not immersible.

I thought they turned out pretty cute and would be great for storage in a bathroom, craft room or kitchen.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Flower Faces That Say Good Morning!

This morning when I went out to water the flowers in the window boxes on my garden house, I was charmed by the many lovely flowers that have managed to survive the neglect that I heaped on them this summer while I was so focused on the building of the garden house.
 To the right are my happy Black Eyed Susans, clustered around the old birdhouse.

Above is a lone old fashioned hollyhock bloom.  Not sure why this heirloom variety blooms so late, but I am happy it has managed to come up through the choking mint that has spread into its border.

Around my Wonderland White Rabbit statue, the Virginia Creeper is doing its bit to add to my autumn garden color ...  and I have to admit that I am a feeling a bit self conscious about the state of my garden, as I have a dear friend, AND accomplished gardener coming to see my garden house in two weeks and  I am pretty sure she will be less than impressed with the state of my garden.   Fortunately, she loves, me and isn't there a saying that goes something like this?

"A true friend overlooks your broken garden gate and notices your beautiful flowers "...  Perhaps that is true of overlooking the "uninvited plants" as well.

This sweet late rose is certainly doing its best to distract the viewer from the weeds that have surrounded it.

Above you can see my mint and lemon balm competing to take over the world, well at least the gravel path.
But the morning glory climbing up my garden welcome sign, is always a favorite.  I love morning glory, especially when it volunteers to brighten my garden during a summer when I find myself so remiss in my responsibilities.  Thanks to all the happy flowers that cheer me, and that will hopefully cheer you as well!!  I only wish I could share the lovely birdsong I enjoyed while taking this pictures.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Happy Healthy Alphabet - Part 3

 Well, here we go with part three of our fun vintage alphabet.  I used the P illustration for business cards once ... perfect for Pollyanna and for Paula and for Perkins too!!
I hope you can find some fun projects to make use these lovely illustrated pages.  Wouldn't they make great coloring pages for a preschool?

The last installment will be next week, enjoy!