Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Birthday and Brambles

Today was my friend Sherri's birthday!! So she and I and her daughter Katie made a day of it.  We went to lunch and then did some serious junking.   Above is a shot from the porch of Brambles! 

Here are Sherri and I at lunch 
Loved these trophies at Brambles. 
And having finished my first felted critter just this morning, I found these guys enchanting. 
Cotton branches!! 
Stuffed felt bunnies. 
Of course for me clock faces are happy faces. 
The store is an antique store and floral, in fact I took home more angel vine. 
This fireplace mantel is amazinging.  
How fun is the spool clock? 
The whole store is, in fact, is simply enchanting! 
Ticking pillow anyone?  

The rest of the day was spent at second hand stories ...  Where we found more treasures ... In all it was a perfect sort of day!!  Happy Birthday Sherri. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Crafting for Flea Sales.

So I've been getting my crafter on for the upcoming 3dotters show on the 23rd of April!   I thought I'd share my little projects!  
I found this ball of old torn fabric at an estate sale. Probably someone preparing to do a rag rug...

However I used it to make torn  strip stamped 'ribbon'. 

I sculpted a few mushrooms ... 
And some matchstick sheep!  
I made up more of my hang tags with vintage pictures and German glass glitter! 
I made round labels to top my spools of various trims, besides the torn ribbon, there are vintage rick racks, twines and narrow laces. 
I was so pleased to find this cute homemade spool rack to display them!!  

I still have a few more week to get things ready, and I'm really enjoying these crafting bits. 

Next I'm off too fill celophane bags with little vintage crafting goods. What is it that's so magic about celophane? 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Art Group Spring Crafting!

We had art group again this week!  It was so fun crafting with such fun and talented girls!  Somehow crafting together seems to magnifies the crafting experience!!  

Kim, Joanne, Jann, Cathy, Shirley and Trina. I've linked the three girls with blogs 

It's fun to see how different our take is on this project.  Such a cute bunny! 
Loved the sweet daisy theme here! 
Jan's  glittered details on her tag was amazingly delicate! 
And how sweet is Trina's!  If there had been prizes for being fast, she'd have won. 
This red  'striped' handled masher was my favorite of course. 
And how perfect do the yellow chicks match on Shirley's masher!! 
This was our example masher, also Shirley's. 
And last of all is mine with the oversized nest. 
This 1920s doll that I dressed in rick rack  and crepe paper was my favorite detail.
Here's Kim's cute and elaborate masher.  We all laughed about the chicken in the tulle tutu. So cute! 
Our snack table became a beautiful luncheon buffet. 
Here's my potato masher at home. 
Jann's banner on her stove hood, which is luckily the perfect color! 
Trina's banner and masher mixed with sweet pastel plates and spring branches. 
Shirley's banner mixes perfectly with her doilies on this adorably festooned shelf. 
This is Joanne's banner and masher at home!  So much fun!! 
And how darling is Cathy's banner!! 

Such a delightful day!  Thanks girls. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Banner Week

On Monday I tweaked my Easter/spring displays and realized I had no banners. 
So I did a couple of quick ones.  I've had these glittered letters spelling Easter for years!  
And have loved the felt ball banners, thus a plastic egg banner., in the spirit of the season. Basically a $1 banner. 

I just ran bakers twine through the hole in one end. And used a nail to make the hole in the other end. I used a dot of hot glue as the twine enters each egg to keep the them sliding together. 
Then at Art group yesterday when we decorated potato mashers, we also made cute round banner pennants. (The art  group project will be the subject of a  future  post) 
Here are three different treatments. 
And a close up of mine. 
And this is how it looks at home!! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Vintage Whites Exceeds Expectations!

... And the long awaited day finally arrived ... Wendy and I dug into our cash stashes and headed to Salt Lake to attend Vintage Whites, which was,  as it turned out, not a very original way to spend our Saturday. 
There was a long wait in a long line ...
And when we finally got into The show .... We started running into friends!   This is Joanne and Jann from my art group! 
And for a little celebrity sport, here we are with Vanessa, one of the founders of Vintage Whites ....
Check out my red arrow, bet you can't guess where it will end up... And this awesome dresser I so wanted to bring home by Brookestartathome!  Alas. This Cranmer has crammed to her max!  
After time spent in the second building we headed into the main building and the Grand Entrance. 
Many of the following pictures were garnered from posts on Instagram. The show was so crowded one could not really take booth shots. Many of these pics were taken by booth owners before the show opened ... 
So fun to see them unpeopled! 
Such lovely, lovely colors ....

The huge Windows showed off great wares. 
Afterlife vintage had all their wonderful wares, as usual! 
More natural light! 
Such great wares. 
As always Black Sheep Design has such lovely plantings 
This pic was stolen from my friend Kim who helped in Retro Betty's  booth. 
So much vintage goodness! 
and giant  letters in huge numbers! 
And of course the Coop Chicks were there too!! 

Several booths had vintage clothing. 

Such fun filled spaces. 
The show was so fun, and had so much to see!  For more pictures of the show check out the hashtags #vintagewhitesmarket on Instagram.  You might find some talented people to follow as well. 
This parting shot shows why I couldn't really get booth and display shots !