Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Banner Week

On Monday I tweaked my Easter/spring displays and realized I had no banners. 
So I did a couple of quick ones.  I've had these glittered letters spelling Easter for years!  
And have loved the felt ball banners, thus a plastic egg banner., in the spirit of the season. Basically a $1 banner. 

I just ran bakers twine through the hole in one end. And used a nail to make the hole in the other end. I used a dot of hot glue as the twine enters each egg to keep the them sliding together. 
Then at Art group yesterday when we decorated potato mashers, we also made cute round banner pennants. (The art  group project will be the subject of a  future  post) 
Here are three different treatments. 
And a close up of mine. 
And this is how it looks at home!! 


  1. I love the whole pennant banner thing. I think it makes life feel like a party!! Thanks for stopping by.