Friday, July 29, 2016

White on White Antique Booth at Treasures

I thought I'd share my new white booth today. 
When I gave up one of my five booths last winter, it was my favorite white booth that made sense. 
But I've missed it and decided to recreate it from a smaller booth. 
I love mixed whites!! 

These two old table drop leaves make great shelves. 

It just feels right to have a white booth again. 

I just hope this one sells as well as the old one did. Thanks for coming along. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kim's Patriotic Tea and Me!

It's party time!  And if there's a party, there's a very good chance the hostess is Kim!!  Lucky me!  
Here's our patriotic tea table!! 
This late July party could only happen in Utah, where our second patriotic holiday, Pioneer Day, on July 24th,  elongates our patriotic season. 
At art group, to which Kim belongs, we discussed the sad fact that she'd be taking down her patriotic decor, and most of us had yet to see it!! 

Of course we all wanted to see it, as Kim is celebre, when it comes to her holiday decor. 
Here's a detail of her fabby banner .... 
And another!  
Thus the last threads of patriotism were celebrated today at Kim's home. 
Here's the banner on her fabulous mantel!! 
And patriotic goodness ...
From left to ...
We all drooled over her charmingly crafted patriotic houses!!  Kim has crafting skills!! 
This China cabinet in her sun room is filled with red, white and blue goodness. 
Red coo coo! YES !! 
This antique soldier's photographic portrait is stunning!! .... And makes me hum. Yankee Doodle Dandy!  
Sweet vignettes in every room. 
A comfy retreat!  
My favorite corner!! 
This ribbon and frame!!! 
And charming details throughout. 

After all the wonderful red, white and blue eye candy, it was it was time for ... 
Another kind of treat!! 
Thanks to all these lovely ladies who made it possible!!  

And oops, I didn't get a picture of Margo's cookie tarts .... But she promised to send a recipe, so .... I may end up doing one of my rare food blogs. If you make them and eat one, you'll understand!!  

Au Revoir 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Art Group is Mushrooming

Yep!  It was time for my art group meeting again!!  Can you tell what our theme was.  
There were 6 of us this time. 
Shirley brought this cute arrangement to show us how to use our tart tin mushrooms.  
These are the mushrooms we assembled under her watchful eye. 
Trina brought these sweet tiny jars that we filled with moss and mushrooms we made with sculpy.  What a fun necklace.
Margo brought items to make this cute 'shroom shadow box.
In the back ground of this photo is my sweet mushroom pillow we each made, Jann did all the machine stitching while we beaded the design, and stuffed the pillow forms.
Kimmy designed these mini terrariums.
I taught wool felting with these fun felted mushrooms.

We even ate mushrooms. These sausage stuffed mushroom were made by Jann  and I added mushrooms with olives to the caprese kabobs I brought for lunch. 

All in all it was a lovely day spent chatting with talented friends!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Keith's Antique Booth Artistry

My friend and fellow treasure's antiques  dealer, Keith has been busy this week ...

He changed his two large booths and this case this week. 
I love his style ... And his taste in product, these old cash register flags are so charming .
He's come to specialize in smalls, like those in this display of bone dominoes, pottery ink wells, watch faces and any number of tiny novelty items .....
Like antique wire frame glasses frames. 
Or colorful metal children's garden items. 
Here we step back to view a larger area!! 
His sense of proportion sometimes allows for odd bed fellows like tea cups and flower frogs. 
Post cards are always a staple...
As are old photos ... 

He also has lots of stereo view cards. 
Seasonal goodies are available all year here!! 
As you see... 
A tiny vintage Christmas tree can show up anywhere. 
His vignettes are always charming. 
And his collections can be fun, like these old beakers, ready for your mad scientist display for Halloween. 
He's come to specialize in rusty cut out metal letters!  A real favorite with our customers. 
Seeing his spaces at Treadures Antiques is always a treat for me!  These booths are in our south mall, but he has more notable displays in his booths at the north mall as well. If you want to see his merchandising artistry just ask to see number 17s booths in either store!!