Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stamped Price Tags for Vintage Market

It's hard to believe that the reclaimologists show is this weekend !! For this vintage show I decided to try my hand at stamped tags. I've always loved how they look and I own vintage number stamps ... So here I go! 
I made Manila tags and glittered them during a few slow moments at work. 
At home I stamped the backs with my Fleaology stamp. 
Let the fun begin!!

Having my goods tagged already makes me feel down right organized, though I know the feeling will pass in the frenzy of the next few days!  Wish me well!' 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Craftology and Numberology!

Just having fun with a little Numberology  this week, as I get ready for flea.o.logy in May!!
Found these awesome 'numbers' on Pinterest and loved them!!

I traced the smaller numbers on the canisters and colored them in with a sharpy.
I used self cut stencils on the stools.
Having lots of fun will all my 'ologies', as you can tell. After all I worked my way through college working for a professor of Herpetology, so I guess that makes sense!  Or something.  Hmmm. Maybe I should keep up the theme by doing a little shopping at Anthropogie!! I could go for that!' 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Again - Sugarhouse Salt Lake City!

 Last month I was in Salt Lake City to man phones for the Primary Children's KSL radiothon.  I'd taken a half day off work to do so, which left me time for junking in Salt Lake!!

I follow Willwoodworker on Instagram, and he is always posting great pictures of the Home Again stores.  I usually drive by this store on my way to one of my favorite second hand stores, but this time, with time to kill ...

 I stopped in at Home Again on 21st south in Sugarhouse, a suburb of SLC.

I was absolutely charmed by the gathering of vintage goods and refashioned furniture.

Everything from Victorian art to 15 year old fad pieces and kitsch glassware ...
 I found the colors dazzling, and loved all the pops of red though out the store.

 Wouldn't this be an amazing accent piece?

This wall with its naturally crumbling plaster and multi faded paint was amazing ... too bad one can't buy a cool old wall like that!!  If your local, be sure to take the time to discover the goodies at this amazing consignment store, you may fine a treasure like I did.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Bright 50's Look Booth Display

I finally got around to redoing my large booth in the North store today ... its been an embarrassingly long time ... it was a mess!

I wanted to do a booth with lots of color pops for a while now ...  when I saw this funky scalloped shelf at a second hand store, I knew it wanted to be a part of this project .... blue spray paint and voila!
I tried to capture the fun and color of the 50's ... isn't the old TV MAVALOUS!

I have four sock monkeys for sale, and thought that it would be fun to pin them together as if they were playing together ...

Nothing says fifties like aluminum trays, and I have some charming ones.

It took me 4 and a half hours in all, but I was very pleased with the out come. ... now lets wait and see if it effects my sales at all!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Two 'New' Blue Chairs

When we went to Texas to welcome our newest grand, her two older siblings got bumped from the kitchen table.  My daughter and her husband have seating for four at their kitchen table, and with Papa and Mimi in town, and one of the chairs for their table having been broken, they sat on their bathroom stools to make room for us, during meals. 
That's why, the next day while junking at the local Goodwill, I scooped up these fun midcentury knock offs.  (Pretty cute model eh?)
The finish just needed scrubbing, but I knew they'd be cuter if they matched the kitchen. 
So the chairs got a couple of coats of spray paint and now match the cute shabby dining set. 
I used the rest of the two cans of paint to paint the IKEA spice racks Emily wanted to use for children's' book storage.  ... And here's our cute model again checking out a book in the new reading corner! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Baby Abby Number Seventeen.

So I came to Texas to welcome a new grandchild to our family.  Number 17!
Here I am with my daughter Emily, after we'd been 'good lucked' with Cascarones at the Mexican Market!  How cute is her tummy!! 
Finally, after waiting and watching for more than a week we went to the hospital where she was checked in to be started, on the eve of her due date. 

I got to sit with her and watch the monitors, chatting and playing Trivia Crack for 9 hours. Until they upped the meds to bring on harder pains.  

That's when her husband came to support her for three more hours of the hard stuff!!

That's when Abigail came to join the family.  At first she was squinting one eye while looking around with her other eye, so we were calling her the baby pirate!! 
When she was a couple of hours old Papa (above) and Mi Mi (me) got to meet the sweet pea!! 
Here she is with her very happy MaMa.  
Today we went to the hospital and brought our girls home. 
I think Bekie and William approve .... 
At any rate they definitely approved of Mom's cool accommodations!   

And the big surprise for me is that they named her after me! I would never have guessed any one would, with such a funky name. 

Abigail Paula Talley.  Welcome baby! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Confetti Egg Fun with Cascarones

I learned something new this week!  We saw Cascarones or confetti eggs in the Mexican style open air market, here in San Antonio, where we are visiting while we await the birth of our 17th grandchild. My Texas born and raised son-in-law  told us of his experiences with Cascarones at school as a child. 

Then I googled them and found this concise history in The Austin Times:

The idea [for Cascarones] was first seen in Asia and later brought to Italy by the explorer Marco Polo. The eggs were often given as gifts and were filled with perfumed powder. The custom then traveled to Spain and was later brought to Mexico in the mid-1800s by Emperor Maximilian’s wife. It was in Mexico that the perfumed powder was replaced with confetti.

The word cascaron comes from the Spanish word “cascara”, which means egg shell. In interior Mexico, one often sees these colored eggs thrown at fiestas during carnaval, just before lent. While you may see cascarones at the carnaval celebrations in the US, it is more common to see them around Easter. This is because, like many other Latin traditions, there has been a merging with the US holiday tradition of dyeing hard boiled eggs. Having one broken over your head is said to bring good luck.

So we mixed the Cascarones with the plastic candy filled eggs we scattered for the egg hunt for our grand children. 
Rebekah and William combine efforts in the hunt. 

Admiral the turtle gets in on the fun too! 
Then we come inside to break the Cascarones. 

The kids loved the confetti mess. 
... Even Mimi and Papa got into the messy fun!! 
In the end making a mess inside made it easier to gather and clean up.  But clean up is evidently not something with which the locals concern themselves. This week we have seen the remains of Cascaron 'fights' all over San Antonio, at the Sunken tea gardens, on the nature trails and even in the restroom at the 7-11!! 
Checking out Pinterest I found lots of fun ideas for making Cascarones....
And expect to use some of them in years to come as we add some Latin flavor to our Easter Festivals in the future!!