Thursday, May 29, 2014

First Monday Trade Days Canton Texas Flea Market Style !

Yahoo ... Just back to the hotel from out first day at First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas!  What a thrill!  Above is another dealer I met ... Take a look at her shopping cart!  Yep, everything IS bigger in Texas, just like they say it is!

Here is the sign!  welcome!

Loved this flower arrangement!

... And where else would you see such a collection of Texasware bowls ... I have to admit, I am falling in love with Texas!
There were some cute crafty dealers, as you can see, by the three chair bench and the sweet polka dot table.

... And junk, did I mention everything is bigger in Texas ... Well, this pile o junk proves it"

There were also classic antique dealers, like this purveyor of Shawnie ....

I also met dealers like me ... Loved this gals collections of smalls!

I was a little surprised by all the mart carts driving around ... This mom and kids were the cutest ... But lots of couples my age were driving them around, some with large wagons attached to carry their finds.

Then when it got almost to hot to breath, we sought out one of the big air conditioned buildings. This nice lady shared the 'cold spot' under one of the air conditioner with me!  Thanks Ann!

In this building I found the lace booth .... Whoa, I've known some textile dealers in my time, but nothing like this!
The dealer had these altered art clothing items on display to show what you can put together from old doilies and lace bits.  I thought they were amazing.  

... And here last of all is a sneak preview of my finds for the day ... This flow blue plate, and the majolica plate came out of the same bin, mixed with modern dishes ... I paid $5 for the two ... Can I just say now, I Love First Monday Trade Days!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Amazing Vintage Sale By Jenn of 3Dotters!

On Memorial Day, Jenn of 3dotters Vintage Rentals sold all her wonderful rental items, to help simplify her life, so she can spend more time with her family on their projects.  Above is part of my personal stash found as she opened up her storage units to the public!

Jenn is busy doing more things than anyone I know.  She is heavily involved with all things 'arts' as are her children, and something needed to go!  Lucky for us all, we were invited to help her divest herself of awesome goodies!

Above is the line that was in place most of the morning ... And it was fun to see so many friends, flea.o.logy, and Treasures Antiques associates, and Reclaimologists with their vintage scores!

To the left is Dru!

Above are Laurie from Treasures Antiques, with our common friend Patti!

To the right are Bruce, formerly of Treasures Antiques and his wife, Vicky, down from Wyoming for the weekend!

To the left is my adorable daughter-in-law, and  fellow flea.o.logost, Nell!

 This is Rosemarie from Treasures!

Above is Jennine, one of my awesome flea.o.logy dealers!
Stephanie, above, is a dealer at Treasures, who did flea.o.logy for the first time in May!
This cute gal was wearing a vintage dress she found at Maeberry Vintage, in Salt Lake! Now she can wash it by hand and hang it to dry on the period drying rack she found.

Jennine, and fellow flea.o.logy dealer Mike, haul out vintage goodies.  Mike helped me load two huge buffets that wanted to come home with me, what a good guy!

I thought these kids were a great support to their Moms who were busy shopping the good old stuff!
... And this dutiful husband helped hold the treasures his wife was gathering.

What a great sale, and reunion for Jenn.  She seemed to know everyone in line, and was giving out joy filled hugs along with change.  Thanks Jenn, for a wonderful morning, and good luck in all your amazing ventures!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Beginnings Celebration!

 One of my cute basement apartment dwellers, my daughter-in-law, Brit to be exact ...  just hosted our ward's New Beginnings ...  The Theme was Adventure Awaits ... with a bit  borrowed from the movie Up. 

Long time followers of my blog may recognize the pennants in the Adventure Awaits banner above ... I actually created the reusable pennants when Brit became my daughter-in-law last year.  They have come in handy many a time since. You can see the post of their wedding with the original use of the pennants here.
 My son and Brit, are real world travelers, just home from three weeks in Europe as a graduation trip for Brit who graduated from BYU recently. They also took a honey moon last year to do service for three months in Asia.  

So the world travel theme seems like a natural, as she works with and encourages the Young Women in our ward. (A congregation of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

 Using pages from an old atlas as place mats was another great idea!  I also love the floating clouds, another nod to UP!

 Brittney borrowed the stack of suit cases from my family room to act as the pedestal for the basket full of favors ... what a great event.  Brittney and the other sisters who work with the young women in our ward did a great job!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Easy Paper Summer Wreath

 Spring, for all intents and purposes, is over ... forget what the calendar says.  The spring wreath on my front door looks tires, and I wanted something fun and crisp ...

After a trip through summer wreaths on Pinterest, I found one that inspired me.

To the left is the wreath I made ... near the bottom of my post is the one I found on Pinterest, with a link to the maker's page.
 I had a wire wreath form on hand, so though my inspiration wreath appears to have been made on a round Styrofoam wreath, this is the direction I went.  I used two sided card stock, that came in a package that was left over from another project.

I used hot glue to spot glue the paper ribbons onto the wreath form, front and back.

I added scalloped medallions in some of the same papers as the 'ribbons' around the center of the wreath!

 I folded the ribbons off center, so that the reverse side of the paper would show as well.  I think it gives each 'ribbon' that 'blue ribbon from the fair' look!

This is my inspiration wreath ... you can find it at Happy Scraps.

This pictures shows how one can be inspired by an idea, but still make it their own.  Thanks Happy Scraps for a great idea!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Decor and the Historic House

This huge carved pine cabinet, left, is oneI tried to sell last year, it finally sold at the first flea.o.logy a couple of weeks ago.  Monday was delivery day ... it had sold to one of our flea.o.logy dealers, about an hour before the sale closed.

She lives a mile up main street from me, so as Mr. P, Debbie and I were unloading it, two cars suddenly pulled over and two men jumped out to help.  Isn't a small town a lovely place to live?

 Once we got the cabinet in place, I had a chance to look around at Debbie's super cute decor.

With her permission I thought I would share a few shops.

The white table in this picture is another item she found at flea.o.logy.
 Above is the left hand side of this long shelf over the entry, below is the right hand side.

 There are so many sweet details ... I love it all!!  What a very talented woman!

Thanks Debbie for sharing all you fun and fabulous nooks and crannies!