Monday, May 6, 2013

Pennant Banners as Wedding Decor

... and today its pennants on parade.  I have taken my love of pennant banners to a new height, and all at the request of my new daughter-in-law.
Brittney had seen banners at my home for holidays and parties, and even for everyday decor ... she had also visited the antique mall and seen the banners I had done there.  She asked me to make pennant banners to label her food stations at the fun breakfast reception she had planned for her wedding to my youngest son.  Above is her 'toast bar'.  To the left is an enlargement of a couple of the pennants.  All made with a variety of old printed pages of all different kinds, varied lacy trims and a great Graphics Fairy medallion with a letter stamped inside. Did you notice the love birds atop the medallion?

I made each pennant seperately and then clipped them to a length of seam binding.  Now I will have 80+ pennant letters to put together to decorate future events!!
This is the Biscuits and Gravy station, set up on a darling antique pink table that I rented at 3 Dotters Vintage Rentals.  Jenn is a flea market friend with amazing taste in fun and chippy furniture.

The bathtub shown filled with ice and mason jars full of drinks with funky straws was borrowed from a neighbor who had it in her garden.  Boy, that goes way beyond borrowing a cup of sugar, don't you think? Thanks Raelene!
 I also brought along the vintage grocery cart that I bought at fleattitude a couple of weeks ago, and Brittney's brother suggested we use it in the dish drop area!  So brilliant!

Brittney's Aunt Karen also did some pennant banners, decorating an old chest as a 'welcome sign' and another over the 'perfect match' favors!

This charming pink door was another find at 3dotters.

Here's a full view of the sweet mini Hoosier that houses the toast bar.

Above the bride and groom cut their charming cake.
Another of Aunt Karen's banners decorates the back drop for the wedding party.   Below the bride and groom are shown opening gifts, with family and friends, in front of it.

Here are three of my grandsons all decked out for the party!
 I also loved this detail.  Brittney's Aunt Karen asked me to find an antique key for this display ... I chose this one from about a hundred I have on hand because of its awesome patina ... but how fun is it that it almost perfectly matches the key she has stamped on her tag sign!?
Now life gets back to normal ... oh and I also get to spend a bit of time putting back all the antiques into the store and my home that had their moment of glory at the wedding reception!!
Wecome to the family Brittney!  I LOVE your style!


  1. Incredibly charming decorations, Paula, and your banners turned out just beautiful. You outdid yourself! caThiE

  2. Oh my goodness! I was a wedding photographer for nine years and I have never seen a more creative and unique wedding. You are amazing! Their friends will be talking about this charming wedding for years to come.
    Your blog is filled with such brilliant ideas and inspirations and I am your newest follower. Please accept my invitation to visit and to hopefully follow me back. My last position in the business world was that of an activity director, I did this for my last 8 years of employment. Now I am a proud and happy retired lady that loves to entertain and blog about my many interests.
    At the moment my husband and I are restoring an old wooden sailboat that we named Gypsy Rose. She is small but a little beauty and we hope to have her in the water sometime before the end of June. I do hope that you will accept my invite to follow, I love making new blogging friends, and your talents are so amazing, that I would be honored to be mutual followers.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. I had to see the cute reception you mentioned this morning...I love it! So many ideas to "borrow" for our next wedding...whenever that may be!