Monday, April 22, 2013

Remembering the First fleattitude!

Wow, what an amazing weekend, and it was so fun to see some of my blog followers and collect some hugs!!  Thanks for your support!  I just wanted to show you one adorable thing the organizers of 

fleattitude did.  Their banner, shown above, includes a cute stock design they found of a pennant banner, then Cathie, who is super creative, went out and bought similar fabrics to make their banner, and hung it across yellow and white doors to form the stripes in their logo, so very fun, don't you think?  Also note the black bead detail!  What won't that girl think of?

Here's a shot of the show from the second floor, this is just one of three sales areas full to the rafters with goodies!  The outside of the building is pretty amazing too!

I promised you some pics of a couple of my favorite vendors.  These great items are from Jennine, who luckily also does my flea.o.logy sales!

I love how she puts things together, don't you?

Her cute friend Debbie also did some items for the sale, like these fun doorknobbed jewelry displays!! (Doorknobbed is probably not really a word ... oops)

Then its up the stairs to check out Two Pitts of a Pear!!  Always LOVE their artistic slant!

 A bunch of chalk boards all ready to receive chalk board art, right?

And last of all I had to include my favorite of Penny's creations!!

Mr. Robot,  who is obviously the star of the show!!


  1. Hi Paula, we met you at the show. We are the ladies from way up north, Roy, and had so much fun. We would like to participate at your next show. Let me know what you need from us! Thank you! C&S Our email is

  2. Looks like a fabulous event!
    Mary Alice

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. . . we were thrilled to have you participate in fleattitude, and best wishes for flea.o.logy!! hugs, caThiE

  4. Super shots Paula...I love those buckets and those adorable lampshades! So many pretty things! It was so good to see you! xo