Friday, April 26, 2013

An Altered Art Friendship Book

I have something to share with my blogging friends who love altered art and scrap booking as much as I do!!  At the Vintage Show I did last weekend, I met Colleen, who terms herself a 'very mixed media artist'.  She is just amazing.

She had brought some old, heavy duty books to sell, and to show what one can do with a great old, well hung book ...

She brought along a couple of altered art books.  This one was done by an artists' group she belonged to.

She started the book, choosing a theme, and then the book was sent from one artist to another.

Each contributing to the book's theme, but in her own style!

Its so fun to browse through it, and I don't even know the people who created it.

What a fun memory book for a group of friends!

I love how each person's personality peeks out through their art.

Thanks Colleen for sharing this amazing treasure with me!! 
So, readers, have any of your participated in a project like this one? 

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  1. I've seen people do this and love it, but haven't ever tried it!