Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Little Witches' Party

 So, you may recall, that two weeks ago I had a Witches' Tea ...  I invited friends mostly, and my DIL, because she is also my flea.o.logy business partner and knows a lot of the antiquing ladies I invited.
However ... her precocious 6 year didn't understand why any of  that should preclude her own inclusion.  
So her wise mother suggested that she should have her own witch party and invite me ... sort of like that wise old saying my mother used to share with me ...
"He drew a circle and drew me out, but I had the wit to win, I drew a circle and drew him in."
Eva spent hours and hours making invitations for the two sisters down the street she likes to play with and ... well. ... one for me.
She also spent days making and putting together decorations, like the charming witch above!  Which witch I love ... (Maybe she will sell it to me!)

 Nellie had lots of great ideas ... some that were better done than like ideas I've seen on Pinterest.
Eleanor loved the creepy oreo spiders with green licorice legs!

Then we played a Halloween version of 'Don't Eat Pete' and pin the wart on the witch's nose ... the board was drawn and colored by my son Trevor and Eva. I made two kinds of warts :-)

 Big brother Scott shows off the pumpkin poop packages that the cute little blond neighbor witches brought to share.

... and this is me with my oldest son, father to Scott, Eva and Eleanor and husband to the amazingly talented Nellie.
"Goodbye everyone and have a spooky Halloween." say Eleanor!

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Reclaimologist Fall Boutique

 Well, I am a bit late with this post ... but I am afraid the Reclaimologist Sale took everything I had ...

But here are some pictures of my booth upon set up.

 The very best thing about this sale was getting to know the other Reclaimologist vendors, or the ROCCs ... (reclaimologists and other crafy chicks)

What a lovely group of amazing artists.

5 of the ROCCs, I already knew because they have done fleaology before.

And there were another 5 dealers who had done fleaology as well, since we did solicit other local vendors to fill up the show! (It turned out to be about half and half).

But meeting more of these kindred sprits was a delight.  I sell with them on our face book page, and am often amazed at the degree of their talent and ingenuity.  It might be worth following them, just for ideas. (Do a facebook search for Reclaimologists)

As always, my talented daughter by marriage, Nell, included a few things to sell in my booth.  These are her license plate bracelets .... she is such a very talented young woman.

And this is the entire set up.    I will be posting a few shots of the other 10 dealers who have done fleaology in the past in a post on my fleaology blog, in a day or two, if you want to see more of this amazing show! Check out
Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Friends

Tonight I had intended to show you my booth set at the Reclaimologist show in Spanish Fork ... but my phone died ... Nope, it didn't run out of battery, it died ... as in I need a new phone. 
So instead, I am going to show you bits and pieces of my friends Halloween décor.  Above are Andrea and Ann's Jacks on a Stick, that they finished up after leaving my witch party, and therefore sent me pictures!
This fun candy corn wall hanging/quilt, was done by my friend Ginny, its companion quilt picture, unfortunately, is still on my dead phone.

 My friend LaVern made this spell book, I thought it was charming.

 My Friend Lynn made the adorable large quilt/wall hanging above ... and my friend Terry made the smaller, but equally adorable, one to the right!

 The rest of the pictures are of Terry's fun and unique vintage and repro Halloween collection!!

Good bye now, I have dug out my real camera, and will have pictures of the Reclaimologist show on Monday!! I expect it will be amazing.  Thanks for coming along.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chevrons and Subway Art

 Its crunch time for the Reclaim-ologist boutique ... and frankly I am having fun ... crazy I know, but having a deadline energizes me.

I stamped the top of the night stand I painted yesterday ... tricky? Yes, perfect? No ... but loved doing it.  Hopefully I will get better at it ... right?

 So here are the goodies I have been working on, plus the royal bee stools I did a while ago ... now ready to fit in with the black and white theme in one corner of my booth at the show.

The chest to the left is great with its new black enamel paint, but I wanted something to add personality.  I found this old advert on Graphics Fairy, and it was just the thing.  The trunk is lined with wallpaper that has old newspaper adds, and I thought it worked well with those.

 This old desk is also very durable with its oil based enamel paint ... and fun chevron drawer fronts, to perk it up.

Its also solid oak and very heavy, hauling it into the show should be interesting.
Set up for the Reclaimologists' show is tomorrow, so wish me well!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Map Mania

 With the witches tea behind me, its time to dive in ... the Reclaimologists' Boutique is this Friday and Saturday ... Yikes!

So I spent the day Saturday working on projects ... mostly stuff that needed paint or a bit of tweaking.  To the left is a sewing stand, now painted and restyled with a map.

 The chair above was solid and already had great old paint, but the seat had split and the middle sections, unsupported, were hanging down ... new brackets on the bottom, and a little bit more in the red department ... and now its ready to go!

This child's chair need its joints glued and some new paint!
This old game box was just charming, and I loved the design, so it was flattened and slightly reconfigured to fit this great fat frame, that I had painted and distressed!

The map table above, was actually, well, a map table in a former life ... but when I got it the base was missing.  By switching out the attachment assembly (thanks dear) I was able to attach it to an old gumball stand ... isn't it awesome? (Oh and note the map interior on the box on the red chair.)

Last of all, is my favorite project.  It was a nicely made wood box, probably done by a wood working student in high school.  I painted it, distressed it, lined it with old maps from a nice old atlas and added the compass feature on the top, using a great graphic I found at my 'go to' place, Graphics Fairy.  Thanks again Karen! To find out how I appliqued it in place go to this blog post.
So if you are local, be sure to come by and see these, along with all the other goodies I am upcycling, or should I say reclaiming for the boutique.
Reclaimologists and Other Crafty Chicks Fall Boutique October 25, 10 to 8 and October 26, 9 to 6
at the old Food for less building just off the freeway at the Spanish Fork Highway 6 exit ... or if you prefer to use your GPS  its at 784 E Chappel Drive in Spanish Fork.
Please stop by my booth and introduce yourself and mention this blog post ... and I will have a goodie for you!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Witches' Tea Party

 The table is set ...

 Shrouds are in place ... it must be time for witches to gather for tea!

The menu included such goodies as Newt Eyeballs and Deviled Spider Eggs ... Yum.
Of course English Scones with clotted cream, marmalade and lemon curd are always staples at every tea party!
... and thanks for Karen at Graphics Fairy for the cute witch silhouette at the top of the menu.

 And the hot water station for filling tea cups and hot chocolate mugs.

 Of course modern 'witches' are always creative, so crafting is the perfect activity to fill out the afternoon.

 ... here some of my witchy friends show off their creative successes!

I love the awesome eye makeup of these two creative friends ... and where DO you find green lipstick, exactly?

 I adored my friend RaLene's adorable ensemble ... note the green bird necklace?  So random and unexpected ....

 The small bird cage hanging from her belt and her piles of bracelets ...
Adorable ... right down to her toes!!

Its not hard to see why I get a kick out of my fun and creative friends ...  some girls just never out grow the need for tea parties ... right?! Thanks girls, you made the day amazing for me!