Monday, October 28, 2013

The Reclaimologist Fall Boutique

 Well, I am a bit late with this post ... but I am afraid the Reclaimologist Sale took everything I had ...

But here are some pictures of my booth upon set up.

 The very best thing about this sale was getting to know the other Reclaimologist vendors, or the ROCCs ... (reclaimologists and other crafy chicks)

What a lovely group of amazing artists.

5 of the ROCCs, I already knew because they have done fleaology before.

And there were another 5 dealers who had done fleaology as well, since we did solicit other local vendors to fill up the show! (It turned out to be about half and half).

But meeting more of these kindred sprits was a delight.  I sell with them on our face book page, and am often amazed at the degree of their talent and ingenuity.  It might be worth following them, just for ideas. (Do a facebook search for Reclaimologists)

As always, my talented daughter by marriage, Nell, included a few things to sell in my booth.  These are her license plate bracelets .... she is such a very talented young woman.

And this is the entire set up.    I will be posting a few shots of the other 10 dealers who have done fleaology in the past in a post on my fleaology blog, in a day or two, if you want to see more of this amazing show! Check out
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Did your DIL sell all of her bracelets? They might be the perfect stocking stuffer for a very sporty daughter of mine. Utah?

  2. She still has some, and I am pretty sure there is a Utah one. I would have my DIL call you, but I lost your number when my phone died, darn it. Can you message your name to 801-358-4991? Then I will pass it along to Nell, she lives in PG, so she can get you the one of your choice.