Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Primary Children's - KSL Radiothon Time!!

It's hard to believe, but that time came around again.  Primary Children's is our family's favorite charity.  All of the money donated to this great charity through the Primary Children's - KSL Radiothon actually goes to charity care at the hospital.  Scott and I figure that this was our18th year answering phones at the Radiothon.
This is Scott and me with our favorite KSL Radio Personality, Doug Wright.  We also enjoy Amanda Dixon who is on the morning show, and we have had a chance to work that shift a few times as well, but this time our friends the Heuers, who went with us, opted to do Doug's shift.

Next we see a picture of Scott with the man who got us started with the Radiothon,  Ken Macey, who at the time was Scott employer and who is a huge supporter of the KSL - Primary Children's Radiothon, and has been for many years.  The first year we did this event was when we went to take Ken's place as he had a conflict.  In those days the Radiothon went for 24 hours including through the night.  There used to be a show that aired at night for truckers, and they all had big hearts and made big donations.  Good times, but oh so tiring.  After that first year we just kept on keeping on and have been going and answering phones ever since!

 This is a picture of me, Robin and Jeff at our phone stations, with the Radiothon banner conveniently placed behind us.  The Heuers, and our common friends the Moes started coming with us to answer phones, fifteen years ago.  Jeff has always been a big fan of the Movie Show on Friday afternoons.  He once made a large donation to the Radiothon in exchange for a chance to sit in on the production of a Movie Show. At the time Doug Wright referred to him as 'the wacko who would pay money to be on the movie show'.  It stuck and to Doug, Jeff will always be the wacko, Robin is even referred to as Mrs. Wacko sometimes.
And this is a picture of me with Brook Walker the hostess of KSL TV's Studio Five which airs weekdays at 11:00 A.M..  I wanted this picture because my friend Jennifer has been featured on her show twice, and I wanted to be able to show Jennifer that I had met her.  Brook is very nice and personable, by the way, but if you watch the show you already know that. 
 At the luncheon I attended earlier this week, we were talking about  KSL's Studio Five and the consensus of the group (who are all more extensive TV viewers than I am) was that it is the ONLY local TV magazine show worth watching.  Guess I will need to expand my TV experience soon!!

Jeff wore an old Movie Show shirt, and brought along the first ever made 'movie show shirt'.  (I did mention that he is a huge movie show fan, right?)  This picture is actually off KSL's website.

And last, but not least, in another picture from KSL website story about the Radiothon, Scott and I chat in the background while waiting for our phones to ring, as Brook Walker interviews a young Primary Children's patient along with some of her family members.  These kids are the real reason we do this, the entire event is almost heart rending.  The bright side, of course, is all of the good people who are willing to donate to such an amazing cause.  The best part of the radiothon is that every dime that is donated goes to charity care at the hospital, all administrative cost are absorbed or donated by those who host the event!! I just feels good to be a part of that. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And HERES ...... Stacy's Amazing House!!

This Charming mirrored shadow box shelf welcomes you to Stacy's house.  Her soft palette calms you while the whimsical details delight!!
 This antique child's portrait is a personal favorite and I loved the crown so much that I went out and bought one for my house, (after applying the thumb screws to find out just where Stacy had found the delightful detail)!  This is such a sweet and charming arrangement!
 The lovely old cupboard in the kitchen is filled with fun and funky pink appliances, faux pastries and of course pink implements.  Note the small cuisine art on the top right, as well as the pink mix master and crock pot on the bottom shelf.
 Below is a close up of the right hand side of the middle shelf to give you an idea of the wonderful details Stacy's weaves together so artfully!
 This picture shows a lovely vignette that Stacy has put together in the open space above the 'cupboard of pinkness'.  This wall divides her kitchen from her living room, so this charming arrangement shows from both rooms.  She says that her husband thought she had lost it when she asked him to hoist the table up to the display area on top of the wall, but when she was done working her magic, even he thought it looked charming, though I am sure that he expressed that with some seriously manly words!

This sweet and romantic arrangement resides on top of an armour in Stacy's bedroom.

Touring Stacy's house is always a wonderful experience.  Finding new details is like a treasure hunt for the eyes and the heart.  Indeed, her romantic, royal yet whimsical style leaves one rested and smiling.  Thanks Stacy for a lovely, lovely afternoon!!

Our Antiqueing Friends Luncheon Group - 'a la Stacy!!

Here are the girls in our luncheon group plus one!!  First of all there are Stacy, who hosted this month, with Wendy.  This picture was taken just inside Stacy's front door.
This is a picture of Stacy's mom (the plus one, we have enjoyed her company at several of our luncheons, she is always a welcome addition to our group!!) with Kathy, in Stacy's sitting room.

This last photo show Marci, myself and Dorothy mugging in front of a darling pink cupboard in Stacy's kitchen.  (Well, the cupboard is actually green and white but is filled with Pink confections, which I will include in my next post!!

Lunch was delightful, starting with a cool shrimp cocktail, followed by Ceasar salad and yummy croisant sandwiches.  Red Velvet cupcakes filled out the menu with their ever amazing yumminess.

Be sure to take a peek at the next post as it has lots of Stacy's wonderful decorating vignettes included!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Acorn Antique Show in Ogden!! A First for Me!!

Well this was a busy, busy week for me.  I got an email last Sunday inviting me to join an established antique show in Ogden this weekend.  That meant I had just four days to gather items and load them up for the show.  My antique show partner, Bruce, and I have long wanted to be a part of this highly successful show, but were intimidated by the rumors of eternal waiting lists, as the show is very popular and is always full!

Bruce said he thought we should go for it, as we might not have another chance.  The cancellation that opened a spot for us was a fluke, and we were invited because we are local!    It did call for some creativity to pull together enough stuff to do a show on such short notice, but it worked.

One thing that I did was to bring my own Vintage and Reproduction Easter decor collection.  It hasn't seen the light of day for five years, so I thought it might like to come out of hiding.  Here are some of the items that I brought out to sell.

I also completed projects that I had on hand that I had started.  This little reinvented hat stand doll head, has been sitting on my work bench for three months, unpainted.  She is really a carpet ball glued with E6000 glue to the top of an antique metal candle holder sans the candle cup.  Isn't she fun?

Scott finally got around to rewiring these wonderful 30's boudoir lamps three months ago... they have been moving with me from house to house for years.  It took me a couple of years to find the replacement ceramic flowers, but here they are all completed, thanks to the short notice of the show!!

I also culled some things from the antique mall.  In the corner of the booth we see a wonderful antique 1880's wedding dress complete with her mannequin and her 18 inch waistline!!  As if!! She's been living at the antique mall for several years and dearly wants a new home!!  The charming bowl and pitcher set to the left are also Victorian, and belong to my partner!

This is my friend Cathie and her booth.  This was her second time doing the Acorn Show and she has such great style.  Notice the three shoppers behind her.  This show was absolutely packed!! 

Here's another view of Cathie's cute booth!

And last but not least, any antique show is a great place to run into good friends.  Here is my friend Marci on the left, she sells at Vine Street Antiques in Salt lake, between us is our friend Cindy, who is another seller at Treasures!  Don't we look great and color coordinated!!

The show was a great success, even if there were two nights this past week when I slept only 3 hours.  The energy of a show is fabulous, not to mention all the great finds one gets to take home!!  Bruce and I have already signed on for the next Acorn Antique Show May 21st and 22nd.  I hope to see you there!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Fun and Romantic Valentines' Weekend

So my fun and romantic Valentines' weekend started with three hours of cookie baking on Friday morning.  While I was busy making cookies for a cookie exchange I had been invited to on Saturday morning, I made a few from my grandchildren, complete with their names, as well as a few for my friend Terry who had brought me treats, on the plate below, earlier in the week.  Of course one should never return a goodie plate without goodies .... BTW Terry, the cookie bars were amazing, not surprisingly since you ARE the Martha Stewart of our generation!!
That evening it was off for a surprise romantic get away with my darling husband who made reservations for a night at the Hines Mansion in Provo, which is probably the last Bed and Breakfast in all of Utah County.  It was a grand retreat, which included a movie and dinner.  I loved my hour tucked away in a jacuzzi bubble bath with my current read, Saving Cee Cee Honeycut.  The Inn was great, wonderful and old, having been built just a year after our own historic home.  There was fun theme decor and a delicious breakfast served around a big table with other patrons, family style.  Strawberry stuffed French toast was perfect for the holiday of REDness!!  Then the Inn Keeper shared fun stories about the Inn, like the fact the Butch Cassidy, who had been a friend of the original owners, had stayed at the home several times.  And for those of you who are Gone With the Wind fans, the entry hall is graced by an incredible French chandelier that once graced a mansion in the classic movie.  The woman who renovated the Hines Mansion purchased it for the tidy sum of $70,000 at a time when one could be a house for the amount!!

Next it was off to the cookie exchange at my friend Jennifer's house.  Jennifer is starting a new business renting decor items for weddings and events.  When she saw this white stand of mine, she instinctively knew it would make a great candy display.  I didn't see it then, but I certainly do now!!

She has also been collecting milk glass vases for her new business.  Again, I failed to see her vision, until I saw this wonderful display of tulips brightening her living room!! 

And this is the awesome pink chair that we saw Jennifer and Cathie Cox unloading from Cathie's van a few weeks back, on this blog.  Again, a hit, and soon available for rental from Jennifer's event rental!!

I loved the light and airy feel of Jennifer's paper lantern and paper sculpture display.

Here's another of Jennifer's crafty creations!

Of course finding kindred spirits at the event made it even more fun for me.  The funny thing about this picture is how we all found ourselves automatically mugging, while the camera was pointed at our shoes. LOL

And this is the most coveted prize won in the prize drawing that had something for everyone.  My friend Cathie won one of Jennifer's incredible celebration crowns for which Jennifer is famous, having even made a guest appearance on a local TV magazine show!! 

And here's the Queen of Craft herself renewing an old friendship.

Of course what crazy and crafty get together could possible be complete without fake mustaches.  I can't think why this idea has never occurred to me before!

All in all it was a delightful weekend of Valentines' fun, which unfortunately ended before Valentines day ... now to think of more ways to enjoy Valentines' Day tomorrow!!  Thanks to everyone who made my week so memorable!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Quick Trip to Idaho and Helping My Daughter Reinvent Her Life!!

Scott and I left immediately after hosting our Empty Nester Family Home Evening Group on Monday night and headed to Twin Falls, Idaho, arriving at 3:00 (Yawn) A.M.  Brittany and Mike hosted us on an amazingly HUGE air mattress .... and I didn't see the light of day until 9:00 A.M.
Here we see Scott with the moving van.  Britt and Mike unloaded a lot of big stuff when they got to Idaho the evening before, at least of third of the van had been emptied.  Amazing people!!

This is Scott maneuvering the tread mill.  Britt is barely noticeable behind him...  That was the best I could do!  Note that it is starting to snow, good times.

Alex, 4, who had chosen to take the long trip with his parents on Monday afternoon rather than coming up with his brother Kai on Friday, started arranging some of his own belonging.  He loves stuffed animals, and this particular arrangement made me laugh ... the huddled bears vs the dinosaur ...

Here is the man himself!!

... and of course the lunch run!!  (Note the sack of Cafe Rio goodies ... from the recently proclaimed number one fast food restaurant in AMERICA!!  I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the USA figured it out!!) This is the only picture of the exterior of the house that I was able to take, as my camera promptly gave up the ghost when I tried to zoom out to get the whole house .... Thank Goodness for the new camera that Rui's family gave us for Christmas!!

Now Britt and Mike are pretty much settled.  They have both boys in Idaho with them now.  Kai and Alex will start at their new schools on Monday.  The principal at Kai's elementary school has evidently won some amazing prestigious award.  Things bode well for the Mitko family of Twin Falls!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Picture, Picture and Pretty as a Picture ....

So the first picture of which I speak is this one at my booth in Treasures Antique Mall.  A remnant of my cottage print collector phase, and one of my favorites .... However, evidently the frame came apart spontaneously, and I was amazed that it did fall to pieces and drop all to the floor .... lucky me!!
 Picture two was going to be a picture of my favorite in Rick Nye's show at the Provo Library, located in what was originally the BYU Academy.  Unfortunately the canvas flashed back at me :-( .The library is wonderful and worth the trip all by itself, but this month and next it will exhibit the photos of well known local photographer, Rick Nye.  The Photos and "Painted" Photos in this exhibit are all landscapes, though Rick also does wonderful work in the area of portraiture (of course) as well as other subjects.  The pictures in this exhibit were great!! My favorites were those that had been heavily 'brushed' and remind one of what the great French Impressionists did in the area of landscape work.  Just lovely!  Worth the trip, and free to the public.

And now for the Pretty as a picture part.  My friend Stacy, of affore mentioned, fame, has been reorganizing her office.  I have been consigning with her for several years, and it was fun to see that I now have my own shelf !  Her office has always looked nice, as does her amazing house, of course, but her latest binge of organizing has made it essentially perfect.  Her example may even nudge me into the direction of organizing and decorating my work space in the dungeon ... Hey, it could happen!

 This is her main work station.  Note the comfy pink fur throw that she snuggles into for winter listing time. Also the nice little flat screen on the wall above her monitor, so that she can watch favorite old movies while she works. In my less than snug dungeon work space,  I have an old TV-VCR that is currently digesting my sixth Pride and Prejudice tape and refuses to give it back ... time to up-grade, I guess.
And here is a shelf full of favorite items, just to set the mood.  Its just a lovely, lovely room!!  Thanks for coming along on the tour and thanks to Stacy for letting me include these shots!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reinvinting Kimberly's Room!!

Yep, its finally done. Though, I am thinking that Kim, who has been living in transition since she and her friend Shantell started stripping the wallpaper last summer, is feeling more closure than I am. At any rate, Kim loves it!
Here's our adorable, pretty as a model, Kim herself, dressed to match the room!  She's been a ton of fun to do the project with.  As, you may recall from a previous post, she hung in there with stripping the impossible wallpaper!

Here she is in another view with a glimpse of the fish tank that "had to stay".  I was lucky enough to find a sturdy table that was already black, at my favorite boutique for only $8.  This is also the best shot of the dresser that I painted in a black semi-glass oil based enamel ... the finish should last forever.  The drawer fronts are decoupaged in a Frenchie diamond check!!

This wall is a bit understated, as Kim asked me to leave room for her to add posters later.  These charming French Couture Advert plaques were a gift to me from my friend Stacy.  I told Kim that they are just on loan, as I adore them!!  (They were in my Black and White and Frenchie booth at the antique mall, with a NFS tag, to the frustration of several customers, for a long time!)

Here's a closeup of the 'Paris' pillow sham that I found at Treasures Antiques in Diane's booth (2160)!  She's had it forever, at least 5 years, so its about time that it finally found a home!!  I found the tiny heart and boa pillow on my way to Kim's yesterday, it was 75cents, brand new and complete with original tags!! Does it get better than that?

 These are those skimpy silver plate trays one sees everywhere for practically nothing!  I got the idea from my friend Becca's daughter Sagan's wedding reception. (I had Sagan in Joy School back during the late Jurassic period)  Sagan and her new husband had done the history of their pre-married life on the wall with pictures and paragraphs on this type of painted tray with scrapbook paper inserts, Adorable!!  I obviously loved it, since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right!!

Here's a close up of one of the Fleur de lis curtain tie backs.  I put this picture in for Bronwyn, who loves Fleur de lis,  in case she never sees the room.  It was Bronwyn's adorable pink and black and Frenchie room that got me kick started in the direction of doing Kim's room!!  Her inventive mother, Jennifer is a hot bed of terrific ideas for everything and anything.  Thanks girls!!

Here's a close up of one of the trays.  Its shows Kim (on the right) with her BFF, Shantel at Disneyland with us last year!!

So that is Kim's room!  The best part of doing the room was the time spent with Kim.  She is bright and bubbly and a joy to be around, so thanks to you too, Kim!!  And now on to redoing her brother Ian's room for his birthday in May.  At least I will have a bit of time off!