Sunday, February 6, 2011

Picture, Picture and Pretty as a Picture ....

So the first picture of which I speak is this one at my booth in Treasures Antique Mall.  A remnant of my cottage print collector phase, and one of my favorites .... However, evidently the frame came apart spontaneously, and I was amazed that it did fall to pieces and drop all to the floor .... lucky me!!
 Picture two was going to be a picture of my favorite in Rick Nye's show at the Provo Library, located in what was originally the BYU Academy.  Unfortunately the canvas flashed back at me :-( .The library is wonderful and worth the trip all by itself, but this month and next it will exhibit the photos of well known local photographer, Rick Nye.  The Photos and "Painted" Photos in this exhibit are all landscapes, though Rick also does wonderful work in the area of portraiture (of course) as well as other subjects.  The pictures in this exhibit were great!! My favorites were those that had been heavily 'brushed' and remind one of what the great French Impressionists did in the area of landscape work.  Just lovely!  Worth the trip, and free to the public.

And now for the Pretty as a picture part.  My friend Stacy, of affore mentioned, fame, has been reorganizing her office.  I have been consigning with her for several years, and it was fun to see that I now have my own shelf !  Her office has always looked nice, as does her amazing house, of course, but her latest binge of organizing has made it essentially perfect.  Her example may even nudge me into the direction of organizing and decorating my work space in the dungeon ... Hey, it could happen!

 This is her main work station.  Note the comfy pink fur throw that she snuggles into for winter listing time. Also the nice little flat screen on the wall above her monitor, so that she can watch favorite old movies while she works. In my less than snug dungeon work space,  I have an old TV-VCR that is currently digesting my sixth Pride and Prejudice tape and refuses to give it back ... time to up-grade, I guess.
And here is a shelf full of favorite items, just to set the mood.  Its just a lovely, lovely room!!  Thanks for coming along on the tour and thanks to Stacy for letting me include these shots!!


  1. Paula, you are so sweet! Thanks for including my office space in your post. Now if only I could get my room repainted and the new flooring put in...soon I hope! (*_*)

  2. i took a class from rick at byu...he's a really nice guy in real life. :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for the nice comment about the photo class...seems like a long time ago! Glad you enjoyed the photo show too. Lots of work to put together, but now I just add to it when I want to.
    Happy V Day to you....