Monday, September 29, 2014

Spookie Spark Soiree - Halloween Crafts

Last week I had a chance to squeeze in a craft night before heading out of town ...  It was 'Just a Girl's (Margie Aslett) amazing Spooky Spark Soiree hosted by Jamie Soucy in Draper Utah!  

I signed on for two crafts, this cute Halloween party hat, and a small Halloween photo book!  

I met my friend Andrea there, because I wasn't able to get off work early to go together, and I ended up arriving a half an hour late.

The Halloween party hat space was in the garage ... but when I finished I did a self tour of the public rooms in Jamie's amazing house.

 Of course I always love pennant banners!

Ever rooms was happily decorated with Halloween goodies, ghouls and goblins ... it was so fun to just wander!
With adorable touches added to her normal decor!

 In the basement family room they were decorating festive skulls ...
 This is the book  I signed on to do, and I took pics so I can do it at home ...
 These cute girls are doing crows on stands .... so many cute crafties to be done!!

Here I am with Andrea, she is wearing her decorated top hat, and, I, of course, my decorated party hat ... because really, what other hat would I wear?!  Thanks for coming along to the soiree! Come back later this week to see my trip to Idaho and my visit to the Rust and Roses show in Boise that I had the privilege to enjoy!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A New Flea Market at Unhinged in Provo

 We have a fun little hipster store in down town Provo, fifteen minutes north of Payson where I live.  A couple of my flea.o.logy dealers let me know that there was to be a flea market at this shop last weekend, and they would be selling there.

Of course, I am all about flea markets, AND visiting friends so ...

 This is the entrance to the flea market, off University (Unhindged's entrance is off Center, and this shop area is adjacent to theirs).

I have taken a few pictures to give you an idea how fun it was to spend the afternoon browsing here.

Several booths had vintage clothing.

This talented man had awesome reinvented lighting!

Just thought I would share my own modest purchases.  Above are a tin table plateau, that I think will sport my Witch's center piece at my Witch's Tea this year.

There is also a cool industrial frame, that I think was part of a photo processing set up, but my fave is the little tin pitcher.  Can you tell that it was once just a humble tin can (they made them heavier in the 1930's than they do now) that someone bent into pitcher shape and then took the time and trouble to bend a heavy wire for a handle and weld it to the tin can.  How awesome is that?

So if you are a Utahan, or someone who travels here, watch out for more indoor fleas at Unhinged.  The owner has promised them at least quarterly.  So worth the time!

And now I am off to Idaho for the Rust and Roses Show in Boise!!  Just shopping this time, so look for some fun picture next week!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Stacks of Autumn Decor

I've been collecting old stools from second hand stores, antique stores and Fleaology over the last year or so, in hopes of coming up with a deminishing  stack to use on my porch. 

Before the last Fleaology I tried stacking the various 10 or so stools I'd collected and liked this arrangement best. The rest of the old stools were sold, and the winners got new paint today!! 

As soon as I get my front door painted black, and hang a wreath in this color scheme I'll share the whole porch!! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haunted House Under Glass and a Ghostie too!

 So, I found this little plastic house at a yard sale for 50c, I thought it was cute and decided it was time to dedicate my little glass green house to an autumn theme ... it had been a winter scene and a spring scene ...

So after an afternoon of scraping of a full decal of sticky paper, and a spray painting with flat black I was ready to go.

Then there was  the addition of some brownish-orangish excelsior ... and a couple of tree branches painted black and then it was perfect for my spooky piano top.

I spent some time at work cutting out little triangles of halloweenish paper and making yards and yards of this pennant garland, which I added to a few places around the parlor.

I thought the small size added pop, without obscuring.

This is my little green house with its winter scene last year ...
... and then it was spring!  Since I had taken out the tiny picket fence for my fairy garden, I didn't have to worry about painting it black for my spooky fall scene.
... and if you take pictures through glass the reflections of light, and other things is so annoying, but I rather liked this shot.  It shows a reflection of a statue across the room, right on the front porch of the tiny haunted house ..... oooooo spooky, right? 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Amy of The Red Shed, Home Decorating!

 Good morning blogger friends!  Today I wanted to share Amy's house.  Amy and I first got acquainted in the Reclaimologist and Other Crafty Chicks that we belonged to.

Amy has since gone on to start her own FB selling page at The Red Shed, which you might want to follow for great ideas, even if you are too far to pick up here in Utah County!

 Amy has lots and lots of fun decor ideas in her home in the charming small farming town of Genola, Utah, where I take a stroll every Monday morning with my friend LaVern!

I loved every inch of her styled living room ....

... and was just tickled to note that it was she who had purchased this cute gold globe from me at my July flea.o.logy sale!  How fun is that!  Thanks Amy, for letting me share your great decorating eye with my blogging friends!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Rake Door Decor for Fall

 If you live around here, you have probably noticed how fast things cooled off, so even though it isn't actually fall, it feels like it.

I saw an antique rake head used as autumn door decor on Pinterest, so when I saw this cute old rake at my friend Wendy's yard sale last weekend, I knew it was just what I needed for my door.,

A few faux autumn leaves and a simple pennant  banner made by tearing and stamping old book pages is all it needed.

 We've had buckets of rain yesterday and today, its enough to make one forget one lives in a desert!

So a perky autumn door hanger is just what I need to make me smile .... now I just need a cup of hot chocolate and a good book ...