Thursday, September 25, 2014

A New Flea Market at Unhinged in Provo

 We have a fun little hipster store in down town Provo, fifteen minutes north of Payson where I live.  A couple of my flea.o.logy dealers let me know that there was to be a flea market at this shop last weekend, and they would be selling there.

Of course, I am all about flea markets, AND visiting friends so ...

 This is the entrance to the flea market, off University (Unhindged's entrance is off Center, and this shop area is adjacent to theirs).

I have taken a few pictures to give you an idea how fun it was to spend the afternoon browsing here.

Several booths had vintage clothing.

This talented man had awesome reinvented lighting!

Just thought I would share my own modest purchases.  Above are a tin table plateau, that I think will sport my Witch's center piece at my Witch's Tea this year.

There is also a cool industrial frame, that I think was part of a photo processing set up, but my fave is the little tin pitcher.  Can you tell that it was once just a humble tin can (they made them heavier in the 1930's than they do now) that someone bent into pitcher shape and then took the time and trouble to bend a heavy wire for a handle and weld it to the tin can.  How awesome is that?

So if you are a Utahan, or someone who travels here, watch out for more indoor fleas at Unhinged.  The owner has promised them at least quarterly.  So worth the time!

And now I am off to Idaho for the Rust and Roses Show in Boise!!  Just shopping this time, so look for some fun picture next week!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I saw so many pops of red and turquoise...yummy! I love those lights!