Thursday, September 18, 2014

Haunted House Under Glass and a Ghostie too!

 So, I found this little plastic house at a yard sale for 50c, I thought it was cute and decided it was time to dedicate my little glass green house to an autumn theme ... it had been a winter scene and a spring scene ...

So after an afternoon of scraping of a full decal of sticky paper, and a spray painting with flat black I was ready to go.

Then there was  the addition of some brownish-orangish excelsior ... and a couple of tree branches painted black and then it was perfect for my spooky piano top.

I spent some time at work cutting out little triangles of halloweenish paper and making yards and yards of this pennant garland, which I added to a few places around the parlor.

I thought the small size added pop, without obscuring.

This is my little green house with its winter scene last year ...
... and then it was spring!  Since I had taken out the tiny picket fence for my fairy garden, I didn't have to worry about painting it black for my spooky fall scene.
... and if you take pictures through glass the reflections of light, and other things is so annoying, but I rather liked this shot.  It shows a reflection of a statue across the room, right on the front porch of the tiny haunted house ..... oooooo spooky, right? 

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  1. Ooooo I like it very much, and you repurposed things, which is even better!