Monday, September 8, 2014

Brambles and Blossoms in Provo

 Last weekend, after a week of being sick, it felt great to get out and about and check out some of my favorite haunts ...

This one is in Provo and is called Brambles!  Being sick over our flea.o.logy event, I'd missed seeing Lisa, a good customer, so it was fun to say hi as I peeked at what's new at her store.

I always love her choice of merchandise and how she puts it together ,,,

This sweet antique crib side as a small linen's hanger is one of my favorites.  Oh, and since Brambles is also a floral shop, you can count on it smelling divine ... and yes, it did.  If you're local and haven't seen Brambles, its definitely worth the effort! Lisa is one of those dealers who just has a magic touch. 

You can check out Brambles facebook page for more pictures.

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  1. Looks like a fun place Paula! I'm so sorry that you were sick. I hope you are feeling much better now. xo