Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Glittered Witchy Shoes!

I crafted some cool witch shoes for decor this year. 
I got some new shoes on clearance for 4 bucks and added some card board strategically...
A couple of coats with paper mâché ...
Allowed to dry and bats to adorn of course 
Spray paint ...,

And last of all glitter!   Voila!  

Monday, October 26, 2015

A Bewitching Tea Party!

Time for my witches' tea .... The food is prepared and here they come!!!

First we welcome Cruella DeVille.  
Oh witches of doom, gathering in my living room! 
This trio gives you goose bumps, don't you think! They're Joanne, Lauri and Patti! 
Surely you know these witches!   Carolyn Shirley and Shirley Hatfield ... Guess that makes me the real McCoy! 😉
Jann and Ann are always full of fun!! 
Here's Jann again, with Jo, Kimi, Laura and Joanne! 
Here's the Witch Doctor (Andrea) and Samantha (Ginny) who can really twitch her nose!  
These lovely witches are Trudy, Trina and since Trish could come, I'm including Jo again!  
When Laurie won the becoined gypsies scarf she promptly shared a belly dance with us all!  Yes, laughter was a prominent part of the show!!
Witchy Kelli and I show off our black and white ensembles with orange and lacy hats!! 
If you remember last week's witchy tea party, I'd like to introduce you to Kimi the hostess that so inspired me!! 
We're gathered for games, jokes, and tall tells... 
And when witchy Sherri shared her gruesome old nurses tales, we were all 
highly entertained. 

There were old mortician stories and ghost stories too!  Everything witches are likely to share at a tea party in an old spooky haunted looking house!  Boo! 
As the sign says, these really are the world's Best Witches. I so loved having them and all the fun they brought to share!! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

ROCC Fall Show at Thanksgiving Point!

Phew, just mopping my brow, the Reclaimologist Fall Extravaganza is behind me!  What a lot of work, but what a lot of fun too! 
Margo and Clam, Fleaology dealers,  set up outside the red barn at Thanksgiving Point, that definitely gets people's attention. Love their stuff! 
Here is my booth set up Friday night ... 
With some close ups...
Spooky paper weights I made myself ...
And other crafty goodies too 
Of course I had to have my corner O globes...  
Painted goodness ...
My Fleaology banner! 
And this great cabinet!! 
Headed home and thought I'd show you the venue, for those readers who are out of town!! 
Bright and early Saturday, and here we go!  
We had four free classes, this one was a chalk paint demo. 
My friend and customer Shirley bought my favorite of the "come sit for a spell" chairs!! 
Laurie, a Treasures dealer and my friend Patti also dropped by. 
Of course seeing a couple of my cute grandchildren is always a treat. 
This dealer was new to my circle, what a talented man. All his signs are hand painted!  Of course I took one home... 
This dealer had more globes than I did. 
This booth is Denise of The Vintage Pelican. She's a fun neighbor to have, I love being next to her at shows!  The first time we ever met was when she scooped me at an estate sale and got a huge set of white irons dishes!!  
This is Tami, she's also a dealer at Treasures!  I though she looked cute holding the 6 tiny pumpkins!  

Of course I always love Marci's booth! 
Fun display!! 
And here's another good looking booth! 

My friend Kelli did this fun funeral basket for Halloween which includes spooky madeover vintage dolls! 
Oh, and look who came!  Laura and Kimi!   I love how my vintage loving family is growing. 
And yes, all good things must come to an end, my grandson Scott and his Dad came to help be load out!  Thanks guys!! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh So Spooky Witches' Tea (not hosted by me)

One spooky night last week I carefully groomed my witchy self ... 
(or should I say I threw on a dress and pointy shoes, I'd grabbed off my witchy shelf  ...) 
I shivered entering the woods, arriving at this spooky lair
(or maybe at Kim's charming home, in Holladay so fair) 
I was greeted by many witches from Kimi's coven all together  ( Let's just say Kim's all kinds of friends from slinky cats to leather!) 

Her house was a labyrinth of ghoulish treasures and delights.. 
(She's both a collector of Halloween and fab artisan of the night)
Spooky faces stared from everywhere  
And I recognized a witchy connection that we share .... 
The Graphics Fairy was everywhere. 
This frightening picture of a witch
chilled me through and through 
(until I realized it was me...
My witchy selfie just for you) 
Such crafty touches as this banner added to the frightening fun! 
And Kimi's obsession with retro kitties was adored by everyone  
There are images to spook you ... 
And collections everywhere. 
Which made me wander deeper in this the labyrinth of terror..  
Clocks and owls and moon heads ...
Pumpkins, bones 
And skulls of dread ....
Boo says the kitty as you walk by,  

But never fear, there's goodies and pie! 
So mix you up your witchy brew and make new friends with witches too!  

This black cat in pearls, you see, sells wares in my home town. 
So check out Madelien L'Amour the next time you come down. 

... and then there in that spooky gloom,
 there was a death in the darkened room.... 
The deathnell from my dying phone 
left me disabled and alone.  
No picture of my hostess taken, 
left me alone and so forsaken ...
So here's a picture in a brighter timely, 
when my phone is works just sublimely ... 
(And though I fear to give a fright, 
that is Kimi on my right!)

Thanks for coming on this spooky tour
A Happy Halloween to you and your (s) 

I'm sharing this, so drink it up