Monday, October 26, 2015

A Bewitching Tea Party!

Time for my witches' tea .... The food is prepared and here they come!!!

First we welcome Cruella DeVille.  
Oh witches of doom, gathering in my living room! 
This trio gives you goose bumps, don't you think! They're Joanne, Lauri and Patti! 
Surely you know these witches!   Carolyn Shirley and Shirley Hatfield ... Guess that makes me the real McCoy! 😉
Jann and Ann are always full of fun!! 
Here's Jann again, with Jo, Kimi, Laura and Joanne! 
Here's the Witch Doctor (Andrea) and Samantha (Ginny) who can really twitch her nose!  
These lovely witches are Trudy, Trina and since Trish could come, I'm including Jo again!  
When Laurie won the becoined gypsies scarf she promptly shared a belly dance with us all!  Yes, laughter was a prominent part of the show!!
Witchy Kelli and I show off our black and white ensembles with orange and lacy hats!! 
If you remember last week's witchy tea party, I'd like to introduce you to Kimi the hostess that so inspired me!! 
We're gathered for games, jokes, and tall tells... 
And when witchy Sherri shared her gruesome old nurses tales, we were all 
highly entertained. 

There were old mortician stories and ghost stories too!  Everything witches are likely to share at a tea party in an old spooky haunted looking house!  Boo! 
As the sign says, these really are the world's Best Witches. I so loved having them and all the fun they brought to share!! 


  1. Pollyanna,
    From the tips of their hats to the toes of their shoes. . .these are The World's Best Witches!!!
    What an adorable Bewitching tea, indeed!!!
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me that Halloween Partying is a "Good Thing"!!!

  2. Thanks Pat! This is my fifth year to have a witch's tea/luncheon and it was the most fun yet! These are some amazing ladies.

  3. Thank you Paula for such a fabulous time! I shared it on my blog as well. Didn't share photos of a lot of the gals I didn't know. Wasn't sure if they would want me to. Loved your festive home and the food was delicious!

    1. Thanks Jann. Any picture of anyone I blog about is fine with having their picture in a blog, if they're there they know it will happen, so coming is tacit permission. I'll have to head over and see yours!!

  4. What fun you had! Love Cruella - what makeup! The food looks fabulous too! I saw the party on Jann's blog. I am a local blogger too, so it was fun to meet some locals through Jann's blog.

  5. Hi Pollyanna, saw your fun party over at Jann's and had to come and check it out! First of all I'm loving your house and spied several antique's or Victorian inspired pieces that got my attention!
    What fun you ladies must have had! Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    Have a great Halloween weekend,

  6. I'm on my 3rd year of a witches tea in my home. I'm trying to come up with different festive foods to serve. What did you serve? A lot of my guest want to bring food to help out, its becoming like a pot luck, which is kinda nice. I can concetrate on other details.

  7. This years tea will be on Thursday.