Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh So Spooky Witches' Tea (not hosted by me)

One spooky night last week I carefully groomed my witchy self ... 
(or should I say I threw on a dress and pointy shoes, I'd grabbed off my witchy shelf  ...) 
I shivered entering the woods, arriving at this spooky lair
(or maybe at Kim's charming home, in Holladay so fair) 
I was greeted by many witches from Kimi's coven all together  ( Let's just say Kim's all kinds of friends from slinky cats to leather!) 

Her house was a labyrinth of ghoulish treasures and delights.. 
(She's both a collector of Halloween and fab artisan of the night)
Spooky faces stared from everywhere  
And I recognized a witchy connection that we share .... 
The Graphics Fairy was everywhere. 
This frightening picture of a witch
chilled me through and through 
(until I realized it was me...
My witchy selfie just for you) 
Such crafty touches as this banner added to the frightening fun! 
And Kimi's obsession with retro kitties was adored by everyone  
There are images to spook you ... 
And collections everywhere. 
Which made me wander deeper in this the labyrinth of terror..  
Clocks and owls and moon heads ...
Pumpkins, bones 
And skulls of dread ....
Boo says the kitty as you walk by,  

But never fear, there's goodies and pie! 
So mix you up your witchy brew and make new friends with witches too!  

This black cat in pearls, you see, sells wares in my home town. 
So check out Madelien L'Amour the next time you come down. 

... and then there in that spooky gloom,
 there was a death in the darkened room.... 
The deathnell from my dying phone 
left me disabled and alone.  
No picture of my hostess taken, 
left me alone and so forsaken ...
So here's a picture in a brighter timely, 
when my phone is works just sublimely ... 
(And though I fear to give a fright, 
that is Kimi on my right!)

Thanks for coming on this spooky tour
A Happy Halloween to you and your (s) 

I'm sharing this, so drink it up


  1. Oh my gosh Paula, what a fabulously fun time! Love Kimi's collections. Especially the kitties!! I'm smiling because I wrote a silly poem for my post last night. Yours puts mine to shame. But hey, my excuse is that it was after 11. lol! Thanks for sharing this frightening fun tea! Can't wait till 1!!!

    1. Well Jann, I guess what they say about great minds must be true. So fun having you at Tea today! So glad you had the idea of getting blogger's together. You always amaze me!

  2. This is the second time I visited this! I now know who Kimi is and it's fun to put it all in context. What a wonderfully be-witch-ing time we had today at your house! I'm so glad to know you and I had a wonderful time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. I'm glad you had fun, I so admire your many talents! I'm loving getting to know you better! You always amaze me.