Thursday, September 29, 2011

Its Witching Season ... Meeting the Good Witch of the ... well, North!

Its not quite the witching hour, but Vicki and I, who are new found face book friends, decided that it would be magical to meet for the first time at Gardner Village during their Witchfest!  In the first picture is Vicki, who hails from points north, please note the little witch to her left.  The three witch merrygoround behind me looked like a lot of fun, but its just hard to make out the witches in the pictures.  (Do you see the pink bag?  Vicki brought me Creamy Canadian Chocolate AND REAL maple syrup .... yummmm)

Here we are checking out the amazing shops at Gardner Village.  Our favorite, of course, is Anastasia's Attic, which is full of magical things, including the charming "sayings" bracelets that Vicki, the good witch of the North introduced me to, and which I now also wear.  Mine is a silver tone bracelet that says "Expect Miracles".  Aunt Elsie's is another favorite that we both enjoyed, it is chock full of charming crafts, and my personal favorite, antiques!!  Well, and there's the fudge shop too .... and of course

...the important part of Gardner Village is finding goodies you just won't find anywhere else.  I LOVE the purple witch shoes, but I was worried they would clash with my green witch skin color ...  Hmmm, but maybe as an alternative to my usual Elfaba's pointy black hat .... I could go for this great 'Sock Monkey' chapeau that I know my friend Bronwyn would adore!!  I got the hat at a brand new boutique at Gardner's Village called the Posh Peddler.  Great clothes and super great prices!!

I just want to thank Vicki for a wonderful afternoon.  I look forward to many more fun events with her, and maybe sometime we can even meet up in our witches garb!!  (hmm, maybe purple shoes and green skin wouldn't be too bad ...  I do have those black and white striped socks and  ..... hmmmm)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reinventing, Trash to Treasure in My Guest Room.

My guestroom is a reinvention all by itself.  When the house was built in 1894, this tiny room, 8' by 9' over the porch was built as a 'plant conservatory' or a sort of indoor greenhouse.  It has lots of windows on two walls, as you see.  The South and West facing windows would have made lots of plants very happy.  The room was later, according to people we have interviewed who either lived in or visited the house, was used as a sitting room, a storage room, a nursery and a bedroom.

When we first moved here, with our large family, it was a bedroom.  Now that our children are gone, it is a guest room (I hear the bed is comfortable) and my scrapbooking room.

This desk is an obvious reinvention, and I doubt there is anyone who can't tell that it was a Victorian organ in its previous incarnation.  The desk lacks drawers, but the shelf on which I have photo boxes lined up, fills that need.   The two antique biscuit jars serve to hide scissors, punches, stamps and other scrapbooking needs. If you notice the gap on the bottom where the foot pedals were, you see access to  alcoves to the left and right that can hold stacks and stacks of 12 by 12 scrapbooking paper, well, stacks.  Not easy access but great for buying papers on sale and stock piling them.
This little cabinet is likely our most creative, and most useful reinvention.  It was designed by me and constructed by my husband.  There were really only two existing elements, the main body which was a paper sorter, that happened to fit a couple of shutters that I had.  The bun feet, and file box on top were added to make it cuter (the bun feet) and more functional (the file box for stickers).

These pictures show the functionality of this great little piece of furniture.  It also makes a pretty little night stand for its 'guest room' function.

This picture shows the use of architectural corbels as a shelf support, not too different from its original function, but still fun.


This is another little reinvented project.  It is the top off of another organ, and since I love stick and ball, I wanted to use it and it became a shelf.  All it took was a board across the bottom.

Thanks for coming along to see how my reinventions serve me well.  I am grateful for a great husband who can figure out how to make pretty much anything happen, and who seems to be perfectly happy with the scrapbooking and blog pages I produce about his other hobby, running, that he gets in return!!

The Three Scotts, or The Muddy Race Everyone Wins!! (Dirty Dash)

Oh yes.  My three Scotts raced last Saturday.  Now that is not to be confused with 'my three Scots raced Saturday' ... not Kilts in this race, we are saving ours for the Payson Scottish Festival 5K next year.
Here are two of my Scotts in their hazmats, think they can keep those 'tidy whites' clean?  Trevor Scott is on the left, Robert Scott is on the right.  (Have you ever noticed how close Trevor is to Robert when you spell them backwards?  Well we did and that is how we chose Trevor's name.)

And here we see Scott number three.  He is running in the 'Piglette' race, just a mile, but lots of mud and water.  His dad runs him in at the end of the race.  He stayed pretty clean, don't you think? 
Well, his Dad took care of that in short order ... no clean piglettes in this party.

The senior Scotts managed to take care of the mud coating themselves, without help from anyone.  The race is run at Soldier Hollow up in our lovely Wasatch Mountains.  If you want to see other crazies at last year's Dirty Dash you can enjoy this vid from You Tube.

Here they are in all their muddy glory.

Trevor, who has been running cross county since junior high, and who ran in college on scholarship, said that this race was the most fun he has EVER had in a race.  This was R. Scott's first formal (if you can call it that) 10K -  Trevor stayed with him, and they had a blast.  We are now trying to convert the rest of the family into fun runners .... our children did a million of those growing up, maybe its time to get back at it!!  (Thanks to my daughter, Trevor's wife, Nell for the great pics.  I bet you noticed they were better than my usual fare.  She a professional, as you can see, and I am grateful to here for sharing.)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best Book Club, Best Food, Best Friends!!

Well, Here I am at our September Walden's Ladies' book club meeting!!
Most of our meetings are held in Elkridge, a small mountain town in the hills above Payson, the larger small town I live in.  But this time we traveled to Heber, in the mountains 45 minutes from home to visit the home of our book club's favorite Groupee, Stephanie.  Of course Stephanie once lived in Elkridge, but since moving has joined us periodically for book club activities over the years, which we love. (When I was living in Salt Lake I continued to attend this book club monthly for two years, even though it was an hour away!!  There is just something about the wonderful mix of individuals who make up this group that makes it so enjoyable.  I rarely miss.)

Wendy and I are shown above in Stephanie's kid's playhouse.

Above we see Stephanie, with the help of her daughter preparing some healthy fare.  Stephanie is involved in the healthful and natural food movement and suggested the book we read this month, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  .  This is the website about the book which focuses on eating naturally, food which are locally produced.  Stephanie gardens organically, and if you look in the front of the picture above on the left, you will notice that what we all assumed was a large salad on our arrival, is actually food trimmings destined for compost.  (It was the banana peel that initially gave it away for me ... lol)

Here we see our group, sans me of course, posed in front of Stephanie's half acre kitchen garden.  It was delightful to see the principles we had learned about in the book in action. The group above is, from left to right, Sandy, Carolyn, Suzanne, Stephanie, Wendy and Ann.

And here we are at the bountiful table, as we sample recipes from the book, including the plate that Carolyn holds, of Caprese salad, one of my long time favorites.  The other recipe that I really enjoyed was for the cucumber soup.  I am including the recipe from the website listed above.

CUCUMBER YOGURT SOUP Combine ingredients in food processor until smooth, chill before serving. Garnish with nasturtium flowers.

 The book was great, and we all talked about and considered the implications of eating foods produced locally.  We vowed to visit our local farmer's market, and as for me, I will soon be drinking raw milk, a lovely memory from my childhood. 

8 small-medium cucumbers, peeled and chopped
3 cups water
3 cups plain yogurt
2 tbs. dill
1 tbsp bottled lemon juice (optional)
1 cup nasturtium leaves and petals (optional garnish)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Being in the Right Place at the Right Time - Historic Building Tour

Here in my little town, like all little towns in the USA, we have a charming down town.  So charming in fact that it's played host to film companies portraying America's 'Down Town'.  Also, like other small town main streets, there are wonderful old buildings with their windows boarded up.  One particular building in my town, where I  bought my historic home in 1997, had had intermittent renovations, but had been empty for years.  The building had been just about every business imaginable, well, other than possibly being an Undertaker's Establishment. (Don't you Love This Sign?)
So imagine how excited I was I walked past this charming old building one day last month and happened to see the owner, whom I had met a couple of weeks before at the antique store where I work.  She asked the gentleman who is working on the renovation to show me around.  What an amazing opportunity.  To the right you see the old vault door.
This fireplace is really the centerpiece of the renovation. The contractor has built it from the remains of the front of a historic building in another small town that was torn down by order of that city. (Sadly) But what a happy result.  The stone slab mantle he has his hand on was the front step of this old building.  The corbels that support it were from the top of that building's facade.

The slate for the base of the fireplace was taken from an old pool table.  This man is a genius.  The tour was amazing, and showed his unusual skill at repurposing or reinventing items salvaged from other uses.  I just thought you would all enjoy seeing it.

Above are a few doors, that are either already in place or in the process of being placed.  The building is being renovated as a commercial  center for banquets and gatherings.  I can hardly wait until they can get it put together.  It is amazing, and I am so thrilled to see this happening in my town.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Antique Bottles Playing Dressup!!

OK, in all likelihood you are a girl, and we all know that all girls are not created equal, but any girl who is willing to take a little time and effort can look great!!  It takes some time, some chemicals, some wonderful fabric creation, with a bit of lace or ribbon and some serious bling!!  That's all!!
The same is true of antique bottles.  Many are overlooked because they are not in pristine condition.  They may be clearanced at the local antique store for just a few dollars.  But they can be fussed over a bit as well, and see what pretties they make? 

In the case of bottles the chemicals are glue, both tacky glue and hot glues.  Bottles look lovely in old torn muslin, trimmed with antique ribbon and lace.

Here's a bit of an old  millinery flower thrown in for good measure and then topped off with a bit of vintage junque jewelry.

I like to cap my bottles with a bit of something as well.  Sometimes just an old cork, or I also have been known to glue an odd jewelry bit on the cork, or I may just glue an antique tiny Christmas ornament into the opening, and voila' ...

Our formerly boring and plain Jane bottle is ready to gather with her spruced up friends and show off her great lines in her whimsical and feminine party attire. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Come and Meet Becky, My Adorable New Granddaughter

Welcome Rebekah Jane Talley ... we already love having you as a member of our family.  She was born September 15, 2011.
Here she is in her first family portrait, she is less than an hour old.

This is a picture of her with her dad, doing some bonding, on the left is a picture of her with her mother's dear friend Meg who drove down from Ogden when Emily was in labor because she hadn't heard a status update.  She had to trade off one and a half shifts to do it.  What a lovely friend. (Her husband's pretty adorable too!!)
Here is Becky with her Aunt Becca for whom she is named.  I think its pretty unusual to name your child for your sister, but is also a great honor.  Emily says she hopes Becky will be just like Becca.

Here she is with Aunt Briahnna and her cousin Elias who is offering to share his pacifier.  On the right is her uncle Micheal, brother to her Dad, Sam.

And here she is with her maternal grandma and grandpa who are pretty tickled to welcome her into our family.
This isn't the best picture of Becky, since her eyes are still swollen, but can you believe it?  She is smiling.  Looks like she is pretty happy to be a member of the Perkins and Talley clans as well.
Love you Baby

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A One Year Old Birthday Party or Come See a Sweet Frosting Face!!

"OK ... What is this thing on my head?"

 "Well, all my cousins seem to be wearing them too, and since my cousins are so cool, maybe its a good thing"
"Even Aunt Emily is wearing one, and her baby too .... that's a little weird though."

"Did you see that nice lady who lives by us is here, and mom, of course, and even Uncle Gabe.  Something big is coming down, I am thinking"
 "Whoa, what the heck is this?  Grandma isn't usually into fire stuff, I don't get it."
"And what am I supposed to do with this ... and why does my other grandma keep taking my picture?"

"Well at least I get this part now, yummy stuff!!  What ever is going on I am starting to like it!!"

"Look!! Here I am with Mom and Dad and my grandparents and Uncles on my Mom's side!!  Good times!!"
"Whoa, Eva, show me how to work one of those.  Uncle Brady really took it like a champ!!"

 "Friends and Family and Presents too?  Whatever is going on, it just keeps getting better ...  Thanks to my Minnesota cousins for the cool boots, and when I said something Big must be coming down, I guess I was right!! Look what Grandma Lisa Gave me .... whoa!!"

And grandma Perkins says "I just can't leave off without showing you a picture of my daughter Becca and her two cute nieces who came to the party.  These sweet girls look just like Becca's little boy, so I am thinking that some day I will get some adorable granddaughters from the Summer's side of our family. Hooray!!

Love you all, hope you enjoyed the party!!  I know Elias did!! Happy first Birthday Elias!!