Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reinventing, Trash to Treasure in My Guest Room.

My guestroom is a reinvention all by itself.  When the house was built in 1894, this tiny room, 8' by 9' over the porch was built as a 'plant conservatory' or a sort of indoor greenhouse.  It has lots of windows on two walls, as you see.  The South and West facing windows would have made lots of plants very happy.  The room was later, according to people we have interviewed who either lived in or visited the house, was used as a sitting room, a storage room, a nursery and a bedroom.

When we first moved here, with our large family, it was a bedroom.  Now that our children are gone, it is a guest room (I hear the bed is comfortable) and my scrapbooking room.

This desk is an obvious reinvention, and I doubt there is anyone who can't tell that it was a Victorian organ in its previous incarnation.  The desk lacks drawers, but the shelf on which I have photo boxes lined up, fills that need.   The two antique biscuit jars serve to hide scissors, punches, stamps and other scrapbooking needs. If you notice the gap on the bottom where the foot pedals were, you see access to  alcoves to the left and right that can hold stacks and stacks of 12 by 12 scrapbooking paper, well, stacks.  Not easy access but great for buying papers on sale and stock piling them.
This little cabinet is likely our most creative, and most useful reinvention.  It was designed by me and constructed by my husband.  There were really only two existing elements, the main body which was a paper sorter, that happened to fit a couple of shutters that I had.  The bun feet, and file box on top were added to make it cuter (the bun feet) and more functional (the file box for stickers).

These pictures show the functionality of this great little piece of furniture.  It also makes a pretty little night stand for its 'guest room' function.

This picture shows the use of architectural corbels as a shelf support, not too different from its original function, but still fun.


This is another little reinvented project.  It is the top off of another organ, and since I love stick and ball, I wanted to use it and it became a shelf.  All it took was a board across the bottom.

Thanks for coming along to see how my reinventions serve me well.  I am grateful for a great husband who can figure out how to make pretty much anything happen, and who seems to be perfectly happy with the scrapbooking and blog pages I produce about his other hobby, running, that he gets in return!!


  1. all of the pieces in there are just beautiful! i especially love that beautiful bed!

  2. What a beautiful guest room. The green bedside/storage is a wonderful color - and very inventive too. I've never seen re-purposed ex-organs before - creative and useful.
    - Joy

  3. Oh my GOODNESS...what a FABULOUS space to play...and your stained glass window is SPECTACULAR!! Lucky lucky you...

  4. Love that little cabinet--so good for organzing and adorable too!

  5. Wow! When I first saw this on the Graphics Fairy i though "Is that really what I think it is?" and sure enough it is an old organ! I love your creative upcycles!

  6. Wow! So many incredible and fun pieces all in one room! It's wonderful. I would love for you to come share this at etcetorize, linky party is on now~ (etcetorize.blogspot.com)