Thursday, September 15, 2011

A One Year Old Birthday Party or Come See a Sweet Frosting Face!!

"OK ... What is this thing on my head?"

 "Well, all my cousins seem to be wearing them too, and since my cousins are so cool, maybe its a good thing"
"Even Aunt Emily is wearing one, and her baby too .... that's a little weird though."

"Did you see that nice lady who lives by us is here, and mom, of course, and even Uncle Gabe.  Something big is coming down, I am thinking"
 "Whoa, what the heck is this?  Grandma isn't usually into fire stuff, I don't get it."
"And what am I supposed to do with this ... and why does my other grandma keep taking my picture?"

"Well at least I get this part now, yummy stuff!!  What ever is going on I am starting to like it!!"

"Look!! Here I am with Mom and Dad and my grandparents and Uncles on my Mom's side!!  Good times!!"
"Whoa, Eva, show me how to work one of those.  Uncle Brady really took it like a champ!!"

 "Friends and Family and Presents too?  Whatever is going on, it just keeps getting better ...  Thanks to my Minnesota cousins for the cool boots, and when I said something Big must be coming down, I guess I was right!! Look what Grandma Lisa Gave me .... whoa!!"

And grandma Perkins says "I just can't leave off without showing you a picture of my daughter Becca and her two cute nieces who came to the party.  These sweet girls look just like Becca's little boy, so I am thinking that some day I will get some adorable granddaughters from the Summer's side of our family. Hooray!!

Love you all, hope you enjoyed the party!!  I know Elias did!! Happy first Birthday Elias!!


  1. Who is that adorable baby! he should be a baby model!

  2. sorry, my bad, that is My baby...