Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Three Scotts, or The Muddy Race Everyone Wins!! (Dirty Dash)

Oh yes.  My three Scotts raced last Saturday.  Now that is not to be confused with 'my three Scots raced Saturday' ... not Kilts in this race, we are saving ours for the Payson Scottish Festival 5K next year.
Here are two of my Scotts in their hazmats, think they can keep those 'tidy whites' clean?  Trevor Scott is on the left, Robert Scott is on the right.  (Have you ever noticed how close Trevor is to Robert when you spell them backwards?  Well we did and that is how we chose Trevor's name.)

And here we see Scott number three.  He is running in the 'Piglette' race, just a mile, but lots of mud and water.  His dad runs him in at the end of the race.  He stayed pretty clean, don't you think? 
Well, his Dad took care of that in short order ... no clean piglettes in this party.

The senior Scotts managed to take care of the mud coating themselves, without help from anyone.  The race is run at Soldier Hollow up in our lovely Wasatch Mountains.  If you want to see other crazies at last year's Dirty Dash you can enjoy this vid from You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SeVQVH9LWM

Here they are in all their muddy glory.

Trevor, who has been running cross county since junior high, and who ran in college on scholarship, said that this race was the most fun he has EVER had in a race.  This was R. Scott's first formal (if you can call it that) 10K -  Trevor stayed with him, and they had a blast.  We are now trying to convert the rest of the family into fun runners .... our children did a million of those growing up, maybe its time to get back at it!!  (Thanks to my daughter, Trevor's wife, Nell for the great pics.  I bet you noticed they were better than my usual fare.  She a professional, as you can see, and I am grateful to here for sharing.)

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