Friday, September 16, 2011

Come and Meet Becky, My Adorable New Granddaughter

Welcome Rebekah Jane Talley ... we already love having you as a member of our family.  She was born September 15, 2011.
Here she is in her first family portrait, she is less than an hour old.

This is a picture of her with her dad, doing some bonding, on the left is a picture of her with her mother's dear friend Meg who drove down from Ogden when Emily was in labor because she hadn't heard a status update.  She had to trade off one and a half shifts to do it.  What a lovely friend. (Her husband's pretty adorable too!!)
Here is Becky with her Aunt Becca for whom she is named.  I think its pretty unusual to name your child for your sister, but is also a great honor.  Emily says she hopes Becky will be just like Becca.

Here she is with Aunt Briahnna and her cousin Elias who is offering to share his pacifier.  On the right is her uncle Micheal, brother to her Dad, Sam.

And here she is with her maternal grandma and grandpa who are pretty tickled to welcome her into our family.
This isn't the best picture of Becky, since her eyes are still swollen, but can you believe it?  She is smiling.  Looks like she is pretty happy to be a member of the Perkins and Talley clans as well.
Love you Baby


  1. Awwww, this is great! Congrats to all

  2. I love the pics! What a darling baby! She looks like her cousin Eva!

  3. Tha'ts so awesome. Welcome to the world you little doll!!!!