Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ever Amazing Avenues Street Fair!

Here are I am with my flea.o.logy friends  at the Avenues Street fair in Salt Lake City this past weekend.  This is the Chinese dragon who led the children's parade, with its parred down brass band and lots of children following along, just for fun.

The three of us had a booth at the street fair.  Cathie has been doing this fair for years, and invited Jenn and me to come along this year.  We had a blast checking out garage sales and estate sales along the route, as well as all the awesome food and vendor booths.

This is the cute banner that Cathie made to promote our main business.  We also passed out business cards, which turned out to be a good thing because we had lots and lots of people ask us if we have a store, and said they wanted to come and see out other goodies.

This is Cathie with our vintage red and white gift basket for the Avenues Association raffle!! 


Here are a few varied shots of the merchandise in our booth

And then the rains came down, maybe not for forty days and forty nights, but it felt like at least forty minutes and that was plenty.  On the left Fred is forming a connection between the two pop ups where they join forming a valley, and we all know what happens in valleys when it rains.  Both Jenn and Fred ended up soaked in this water management program, but there were lots of laughs in the process.
And after all, all is well that ends well, wouldn't you say?  The sale was an overall success, and if you factor in the fun, it was pretty much over the top!!

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  1. Well I see that you guys had a good time! I should have come up there, but I spent my dole earlier at Capital City! Naughty girl!