Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day: Fun Run and Parade!

 Good Morning Labor Day, and for my gang that may mean side aches instead of 'Labor' pains.  Here is Scott with his oldest son and youngest daughter after the Onion Days 5k.

Scott has been running since this last spring when the health coach at work suggested it.  Its not his first time to work at running, in fact when our kids were little there were lots of one mile fun runs and 5Ks with Dad leading the way.

Trevor, to the left is our most avid runner.  His senior year at Mountain View in Orem his cross country team were the National Champions.
His sister Becca, shown below with her baby, Titan, who is almost a year started running to get back in shape.  This is her first 5K as an adult.

Here is Titan riding high on Grandpa's shoulders!

And yes, Grandpa placed this race, mainly because Trevor stayed with him and coached him.  Trevor's High School time in the 5K was under 15 minutes, so staying with Dad to see him to a place in the winners circle took some patience.  Yeah Trevor and Dad.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Trevor's daughter Eva is making the most of Grandma's 'royal French' decor.  Trevor's family spent the night Sunday night so that they would be here early for the race, and then for the parade.  It was so fun to have three of our kids and their families here for the day, the two runners, and our daughter who lives in the basement apartment.  We think we will start a sleepover tradition and encourage all able bodied kids and grands to run the Onion Days 5K next year .... I am thinking matching shirts .....

And here is the gang all ready to watch the parade.  Living on main street does have its advantages. Here we see Trevor, Nell and Becca in the back with Sam (Emily's husband) Scott and Eva seated. Then below are the girls, Emily, Becca and Nell (Trevor's wife)

 This float was sponsored by our good neighbors on the south.  Not only do we bank at Central Bank, they also share their back parking  lot with us when we have our flea.o.logy sales. And here are our other good neighbors, Debbie and her granddaughter and other family members who sat in front of the fence.  It was great to see them!!  And their grandson made sure that my grand kids got their fair share of the goodies that were tossed.
The D's are also great to help support us in our flea market by allowing us to park our big van and boat in their driveway, so as not to tie up parking in front of our house.  On the North side we have the coordinator for the parade, and this year that meant an announcer's station next door.  We certainly got lucky in the neighbor department, didn't we?

And who should come along in the parade, but Cosmos, the Cougar and BYU mascot to shake hands with my most BYU obsessed child and his children!!

Alas parades can be so, so long.  The Payson parade is so fun and small townish.  Lots of folks you know going by, and funky local business entries, like the men wearing fur glued on in splotches all over their bodies for the salon with hair removal services, or my personal favorite, the plumber with all of his employees sitting on 'porcilian thrones' on the back of a flat bed truck.

The parade was just too long for sweet Eleanor, and grandma gets to win the prize in the end, as really, is there any sweeter moment than the one you experience holding a sleeping baby?

A Happy Labor Day to all and to all a good afternoon!!

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  1. My hubby ran in the race too. He placed 3rd in his age division. He loves to run. He said he saw you there. We also know Debbie Docksteader. She used to be the sec. at Wilson School where my hubby works.