Friday, May 31, 2013

Mantiques and Seeing Red!

I love red ... it pops!  It seems to be the perfect accent color for almost any color scheme.  That is why, when I put together this display at the antique mall, I found myself looking specifically for red.

 One of our dealers, Jeff, had been quoted several times in a Salt Lake newspaper in an article on 'Mantiques'.  So I decided that to get ready for our big sale this weekend, we should redo our large display, and capitalize on his sudden fame.
 I collect junk 'letters', so doing Mantiques in junk seemed perfect for starters.

 The ever talented Jeff brought in this cool rolling stool to use in the booth.  Its amazing how easy it is to roll around on it, moving from station to station, the basket makes it easy to tote from one place to another as well. How perfect would it be in my craft room?
Then I noticed that this darling young customer from Beijing was fascinated with the globes in the display, and had to snap her picture.

Her mother came over and showed her where her home is relative to the antique shop she was currently in, in Utah.

 When I got home and decided it was time to add some 'summer' to my craft room, I noticed that red came into play again.
My friend Shirley tells me that Circus is Summer for her.  So since I had several circus related items, I thought I would gather them.
This cute doll sculpture on the circus peanuts can, made by my friend Wendy, seemed perfect to preside over my summer display!
I found this cute circus cart at a yard sale last year, all it lacked was a circus animal.  I had been looked for a plastic animal the right size, when it occurred to me that I could find a great circus animal on Graphics Fairy.  She has a lot of charming vintage circus art.
That is how Mr. Circus Bear came to take up residence in my craft room, for the duration of the summer.  And Yes, he does make me smile!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring City Historic Home Tour

 Last weekend, Mr. P and I took a breather from real life and headed south an hour to Spring City, which has been designated as a National Historic District.  They have a historic home tour every year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  This year we went down on Friday and spent the night at the historic Spring City Inn.

The home above was the first we visited on the tour.  It is meticulously restored and decorated by the well known local decorator, Scott Peterson.

 The home is comfortable and cozy, and features original art, which most of the homes in the area include, due to the fact that much of the old town is inhabited by artists.

 The kitchen feels very peaceful, and I overheard another guest say that it was a 'live in kitchen', because you would never want to leave it.

 Matching modern cabinets with 'antique touches' flank an old pine kitchen table, like the one that would have originally resided in the house.

Next we head upstairs.

 The exposed stone wall as you walk up the stairs, shows where a 100 year old addition meets the original exterior wall.  The house is made of limestone, as are most of the houses in town.  The historic Mormon Temple in neighboring Manti, was also built of limestone, and I was told, while on this tour, that the houses in Spring City, save one, were built from stones that did not pass muster for the temple.  The locals call these rubble. The one 'better' house was built with the same quality stone as the temple, because the owner had the desire and the money.
There are four bedrooms upstairs, this one, I believe, is the master.  The other rooms are filled with beds, no doubt to welcome grandchildren when they come to stay and are made up with charming quilts.

I loved the framed crochet samples.  They are lovely and simple.

 When I came back down stairs, I noticed the finish on the floor in the dining room.  I love the patches of paint that were low lying, and were left in the grain, under the finish.
The house is absolutely charming, and perfect beyond what I would have thought possible for a house built in the mid to late 1800's.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Whimsical Animal Storage Jars


 Yep, its true, I have been into my craft supplies again.  Its hard to organize them without thinking of new stuff to do with them, right?

I got the idea for the jars above, from my clever daughter-in-law, Nell.  She makes these cute animal lids jars with chalkboard labels for our flea.o.logy sales.  Everyone loves them, and they are perfect for kids to take home for their crayons, or M and M stash.

I thought with paper labels they'd be a great addition for my craft room ... sort of an adult version, storage space with style.

 I knew I would have no trouble finding great graphics for my labels at Graphics Fairy.  I used this bird label as found.  I love it and have used it before.

I also added a strip of patterned washi tape around each jar, just for fun!

 The giraffe label was made from a playing card graphic.  I love it.  I did have to add the banner/sign hanging from his mouth, and a boarder around the graphic, but I love how it turned out.
And for now, while I am still working on getting my craft room in order, they will be decorating my dining room table.  I thought they turned out very fun!!  Thanks for coming along for another crazy crafting moment.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Its Oh So Easy Loving Green!

That's me, a lover of all things green, especially when it comes to 50's green, which is the color I choose to compliment the white of the garden house we built last summer.

 Mr. P. suggested I get some pictures while the wild roses are in bloom.

In other news, 50's green also takes the  stage in this display I did at work today.  The sweet tiny Hoosier cupboard, with the green rimmed enameled surface, is the star of the show.

I had intended to use this cupboard in my home, but when it didn't fit just right, as I had imagined, it was off to the antique mall to find a new home.

I love that the crisp color pallet is so refreshing ... perfect for the long hot summer days to come.
 There are a few changes to the garden house.  Though I am mostly focusing on the collecting of white pottery, as is shown on the fireplace mantel.  You may notice one green pot, though, next to the candlestick lamp on the stove top. Just couldn't resist.

I was also pleased with this cute planter box I just finished.  It is all white, but the greenery inside completes the color scheme.  I fount the rabbit silhouette and the banner for the box at Graphics Fairy.  The quote in the banner is "Don't go into the garden, your father was put in a pie."  a shortened version of the real quote, from Peter Rabbit "Don’t go into Mr. McGregor’s garden: your Father had an accident there; he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor” .  I love the work of Beatrix Potter, doesn't everyone?

Here is another, parting shot of the garden house ... on one of its first spring mornings.  We didn't finish it until August last year.  I enjoying it already.  One day this past week, after my morning walk, and an hour working in the garden, I brought my breakfast out, and sank into the big wicker chair and foot stool ... I actually dozed off after breakfast, which was lovely.  I was surprised when I finally came to myself, and noticed the slant of the sun across the floor had changed, a lot!  I had napped for two hours.  It felt so deliciously lazy! I hope you are all finding the time to tuck in a nap, now and then, as well! Are you a nap lover?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Bookish Birthweek!

 My birthday was last week, but because of early gifts, and late gifts it lasted a week.

The funny thing is that everyone gave me books.  Of course I love books, so that made it the perfect birthweek!

My first book of the week was this picture book created by my daughter Becca with the help of her siblings and contains pictures of all 15 of my grandchildren. It was really a gift for Mother's Day!

 On Monday my husband gave me an iPad, which is a noteBOOK computer. 

 Then on Wednesday my kids took me out to lunch and gave me the first year of my blog printed into a book.

I am so thrilled to have it!
On Friday my best friends planned a party at Maui Chill, a local frozen yogurt place.  I received at least one book from each friend.  The 'P' above was cut from an old book, and was a gift from Barb.  I got a diet book (I had been wanting) and a Book about dressing for your personality type that we have all been talking about from Robin.  Then Donelle gave me an awesome church book I have been wanting to read.

Then this past Sunday, my son Trevor asked me to stop by his home on the way back from the Acorn Antique Show I had just finished.  I was treated to dinner and then was surprised with this book.  The Life and Times of Lars Rudolph Larsen, it is the biography of my father that I wrote (with lots of helps from siblings) for my fathers 100th birthday anniversary, four years ago.  I had them copied and bound in a plastic coil for my family.

My talented daughter-in-law (also my partner in flea.o.logy) had gotten Mr. P. to find the file on our computer, as well as the original pictures I had used.  She then reformatted the book, and photo shopped the pictures for the best possible resolution.  Then she had printed it off on special rag paper, and had made it, by hand, into a book. (She took a book binding class in college). 

When I opened the book I cried.  What an absolute labor of love.  I will cherish it forever.  I am so grateful to have so many wonderful and caring people in my life.