Friday, May 10, 2013

Easy Mother's Day Gift!

Today is set up day for flea.o.logy here in Payson, Utah. 
 But before I go out and sweep the driveway, or mark the booth spaces, I wanted to share this fun project that I will be selling in my booth at flea.o.logy.

This project is super simple.  Buy peat pots, paint them, embellish them with pictures from Graphics Fairy and don't forget the tarnishing silver glass glitter!

Add some sweet flowering plants, and voila, an inexpensive gift for a child to give to Mom or Grandma!  (Oh there will be others filled with candy for the non-green thumb type mother.)


  1. The pots are beautiful. One thing I don't get is that peat pots absorb water
    like mad. Doesn't all your pretty stuff crumble off when the plant is watered ?