Friday, May 17, 2013

Adornments - Artist Created Necklaces

One of my favorite things about the flea.o.logy flea market sales that I host at my historic house here in Payson, is meeting fabulous new people.

 I especially enjoy those who put on their funky style to go junking!  The jewelry we see around the necks of customers, can only be equaled by that created by some of our vendors, like the button necklace above, which was made by jewelry artist Shireen.

 The Peter Pan theme necklace above was a gift to my friend Shirley, from her daughter.
The lady to the right sports a necklace she made herself, using beads with bling, and other fun touches like rhinestone rondelles.  I love it!
Here's another button necklace by Shireen!

And just for fun, I thought I would show you that my wisteria is in bloom.  It is one of my favorite floral adornments.  It took forever to bloom the first time, almost 8 years, then had to survive a crazed renter who had all but cut it to the ground before my neighbor stopped him ... but now, 6 years later, look at it go, this is the most blooms its ever had, happy me, and happy spring to all of you who love spring blooming plants.


  1. Love all of the bling and I really love your wisteria! So jealous...yes, I am...I hate to admit it! LOL! It is fabulous!!!

  2. Love the wisteria, so pretty!! Thanks for sharing the great necklaces.


  3. Oh wow so cleaver! Your so talented! Love all of your jewelry pieces!