Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dear Lizzie and the Perfect Day.

As a last hurrah before  I leave, Wendy and I spent a day junking!! 
The top two photos are of the bistro area of ...
DearLizzie!    We love every inch of this store!! 
A faux faded Union Jack pillow!  
Displays in wire baskets! 
Unlikely vignettes. 
A bit of everything! 
Letter tags!  Simple but elegant!  
A down filled fluffy bed! 
For baby! 
Simple elegance! 
Delicious, by the yard millinery ribbon! 
This cabinet display made my mouth water ..... Hmmmm 
And how sweet is this wall sconce!! 
Trophies always call to me! 
It's all perfect!! 
Here's Wendy checking out the wonderful, ethereal clothing. 

And since Somerset did an article on this astonishingly great store, and I adore Somerset  magazines .... It wasn't hard to decide what to take home this time. 

We finished our day with second hand stores and lunch!!  The perfect send off. Thanks Wendy friend!! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Friendly Visit and Tour

My good friend Keith has refined his living room, and I was sure you'd all want to see!!
His living room is more formal than the rest of the house, as shown by his classic love seat, but still manages to have pops of fun ...

Seating that is elegant but still makes you smile!! 
And lots of well done vignettes ... 

And a cabinet full of curiosities. 
But nothing's more entertaining than his oh so cool sheep guy!! 
The family room has classic elements as well but adds in some rustic spice. 

 .... How perfect is this upholstered bench and tray?  It works as an ottoman, and the shabby mirrored tray helps it serve as a coffee table as well!! 
These stunning antique Engish inkwells are pure art!! 
And I loved this peek of turquoise pottery suggested by our mutual friend Chuck!! 
The calming blues and greens surrounding the chippy white china cabinet is simply serene!!
Since this sheep man is stationed near the kitchen, and seems a bit fluffier than his cool brother, Keith and I both think he may be nipping into the larder after lights out.  Hmmm 
Pastel shells look good enough to eat!! 
Another charming, chippy cabinet ...
And more fun vignettes!! 
There is so much warmth mixed in with the playful mix of classical, shabby and whimsy ... 

 A favorite detail for me is family photos fitted into antique paper weights!!  Keith is a child in the upper left picture!  
And speaking of family, I love how much the dealers I work with have come to feel like family ... Keith showed me many items he'd purchased from various dealers at the mall. Interestingly, that seems to give each item a bit of provenance!  

The picture shown here in his laundry room is one he purchased from me years ago. Somehow it makes me feel connected to this good man.  

Yep Keith's my good old antique mall buddy!  We've worked together for 18 years!  And somehow he feels like my kid brother!  Thanks friend! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Grand Princesses' Tea Party.

Teatime with grands!  I've my Texas grandkids staying this week. Bekie the princess, who is four, had toured my garden house (now dubbed the fairy house by grands) via Skype with her grandpa ... She decreed a tea party must be held there ... 
So when she came and met up with a cousin she's not seen in two years, it was tea time!! 
Oh course Bekie's baby sister must be included. 
And brothers like goodies too!  Meet prince William!! 
Here's Bekie, happily ensconced in her beloved fairy house!! 
Royal cousins Adi and Kenna join the fete.  
Princess Adi, our blacked Susan, found a black eyed Susan!! 
... And here's Mimi with the grands!! 
Such sweet girls!! 
And thanks to their mothers for supporting the scheme!! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flea Market Fun in So Cal

I had tons of fun last weekend with Mr P at the Pascedena City College flea market!! 
Here we are at the outdoor portion .... 
Can you believe the size of this geode? 
Then inside the multilevel marking lot sale area! 

So much vintage goodness. 
Not one booth will impress you with their set up, it's not Farm Chicks or Vintage Whites ... 
But they will impress you with their prices!!  
This cute gal loves what I love .... I found wonderful vintage lace at her space ... without spending an arm and a leg!!  Thanks new friend! 
This Bakelite artist sawed up pool balls to make these stunning necklaces. I loved them but they were a bit too dear for me!! 
I laughed at the permanent  advertising for the market on all the garbage cans around campus ...  What exactly are they saying about junking ... Hmmmm 

Well I love this market. It was my third visit in 10 years !!  But then the 1,000 mile drive is a bit daunting.