Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Grand Princesses' Tea Party.

Teatime with grands!  I've my Texas grandkids staying this week. Bekie the princess, who is four, had toured my garden house (now dubbed the fairy house by grands) via Skype with her grandpa ... She decreed a tea party must be held there ... 
So when she came and met up with a cousin she's not seen in two years, it was tea time!! 
Oh course Bekie's baby sister must be included. 
And brothers like goodies too!  Meet prince William!! 
Here's Bekie, happily ensconced in her beloved fairy house!! 
Royal cousins Adi and Kenna join the fete.  
Princess Adi, our blacked Susan, found a black eyed Susan!! 
... And here's Mimi with the grands!! 
Such sweet girls!! 
And thanks to their mothers for supporting the scheme!! 

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