Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Foreign Orphans Find a Home

 Thought I would share a quick and whimsical project with you today ...

 I've had these orphan salt and pepper shakers for several years ... and I still pick them up if I see them.  I love the 'dolls of all nations' look about them, but have never been able to figure out a cute way to display them ..

Tonight when I was looking at them, I thought, 'small world', which reminded me that I have a few different size globes, and decided to use one inside this cloche dome ...  At first I put them on a glass platform, but that made the globe touch the top of the dome ... as you can see to the right.
Next I put them on the dome base, which made the globe just the right height ... and voila!  By rearranging stuff I had on hand I have a whimsical decor piece that I know my grand kids are going to love... and I love that my little foreign orphans now have a home!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Best Ever Kid's Play House

 Today I wanted to share something extra fun.  As a dealer at Treasures Antiques in Springville, Utah, I get to meet some of the most fun people on the planet.

One loyal customer, Marcelle, buys lots of child size furniture and vintage table clothes.  Eventually she shared her project with us, a children's size, two story cottage, that she had built largely by herself.

Fitted out in midtone, almost pastel, decor, she has done wonders with this little house.
All of the beds in the house use crib size mattresses, so that children up to age eight can actually sleep over in this Lilliputian house.

This kitchen nook, shows off many of the charming vintage linens she is always adding to her collection.

... and the kitchen is fully stocked to have picnics and parties whenever the party bug bites!

Marcelle is an amazing woman, its been so fun to be a tiny party of her amazing project.  Her children are now mostly grown, and she even has a son-in-law, which we all know can lead to another generation of little people to come and inhabit her amazing  little house!!

Thanks Marcelle, for sharing your amazing talent!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Booth Decorator Extraordinaire!

 I worked with Keith at the antique mall the other day, which got  me thinking ... I go to other antique malls and take pictures of great booths to share with you, but I haven't thought of sharing those of one of the finest decorators I know.

Keith started at the antique mall about a year after I did, which has been, amazingly, 15 years ago.  His talent showed from the very beginning, and I have learned much from him over the years.

So, you guessed it, you get to see Keith's booth today.  Some of you are shoppers at the mall, and I know that its a favorite stop for all our regulars!  His little rectangular self made tags, tied with a bow, is his trademark.
 I was surprised in checking out my photos, that I don't actually have a picture of us together ... weirdly, but here he is with Rosemarie, another Treasures dealer, helping to move a piece of furniture for another dealer, yes, he just nice like that.

This is one of the three booths that he has in the South store ... he has another half a dozen, smaller ones in the North store as well.

He has impeccable tastes, and often brings in goodies I just have to have!!

 He loves displaying smalls on lovely old ironstone platters, which I find charming...
... and unusual displays like the bird cage full of antique bottles is also very typical of our talented friend.  I am going to  go and take some pictures of his house in the next couple of weeks.  Its been a while since I have gone to oooh and ahhh, but this time you will get to see his wonderful talent as well!!  So stay tuned, it will be worth the wait, I promise!