Sunday, August 20, 2017

Cooking Time

So did you think I had fallen off the planet?  Sometimes. the world I live in now is so different, I sort of wonder.  My husband and I are serving a mission for our church in Finland.  We've been here almost a year and we are loving it.  So what does one do while serving a mission in Finland you ask? There are many different assignments possible for missionaries, but for us, as senior missionaries serving for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are part of a support system for the younger missionaries serving here.

So why the pictures of food?  One of our assignments is to cook for missionaries who come to the Mission Home for conferences.  I've never been an enthusiastic cook, so this has been kind of a new world for me.  I have learned a lot, and will probably be a better cook when I get home next spring.

Above is a favorite for the misionaries, taco salad.
Soup is always popular here in the winter.   
 This missionary is ready to chow down.  Did you notice his napkin and silverware in his breast pocket?  Nice touch!
Its amazing how long it takes to assemble 30 dinner salads... the best part is counting the ingredients so you come out even at the end.  Who knew I'd use my math skills this way.

Sandwiches, Rice Crispy Treats, chips, carrot sticks and pears with Lingonberry Jam!  Lingonberries are related to cranberries, and are very Finnish.  I've learned to like it on chicken sandwiches.  Kind of like the designer sandwiches you get at Bakery Sandwich shops at home around Thanksgiving time.

 This time its chicken salad sandwiches, chips, apples, carrots and brownies.  Yum
 My daughter in Texas even made me an apron. (She also made a Christmas Stocking out of her Dad's old ties for Christmas)
Sometimes the missionaries even step into the kitchen to help us.

 Other times its the other senior missionaries, who normally do office work, or have other assignments, will step in to help with a meal.  That's a lot of salad.

Surprisingly I still have enough interest in cooking, to entertain other senior missionaries on weekends.

We have loved our work here.  The Finnish members of the church are wonderful, as are the other missionaries we meet in the course of our work.  We are making so many friends and learning so much, that we feel younger than we have in years.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Senate Square Christmas Market.

When we arrived here a lot of people told us the Christmas Markets were a must.  This picture is taken from the top of a huge set of stairs in front of a church. This is Senate square.
The booths are all in these small buildings, brought in for the temporary markets. There are other markets that are less well housed and are open all year, with more participating in better weather. 
Some people make crafts all year for their booths. Others are filled with commercial products. 
The old fashioned Merrygoround was a hit. 
The knit hats with yarn or fur poms are very popular here. 
This is a statue of Alexander the Second, often called the good czar because he allowed the them self rule during his reign, is a permanent feature of the square. 
Here he is shown with other market features.   It was fun to see a hay wagon ride being pulled through the streets too. 

It was a great outing. 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Copper Kettles

Old copper kettles are plentiful here. 
I love the ones with the caps on the end of the spout. 
I've picked up a few to take the raw Danish modern look off in our apartment.  They so speak of heritage. I thought the IKEA birds were a good compliment.  Did you notice this one lacks a spout?  Since most of them are 20€ and up, I loved it because it was 2€.