Friday, June 24, 2016

Jane Austen Tea Party

So lately I've been kind of Lost in Austen. Actually my daughter gave me that movie and the Austen Book Club for my birthday when we visited her 3 weeks ago, which, of course, Mr P and I promptly watched 

Add to that the fact that I've been reading Jane Austen's Town and Country a sort of bio and a biography of Chalotte Bronte.   That has lead to lots of summer movie nights with BBC ... Including Nicholas Nickleby (Charles Dickens)  several  Anthiny Trollope adaptations and an Austen or two while also reading both Persuasion (Austen) and The Tenant of Wildfelll Hall (Anne Bronte)  

So yes, I've been living in 19th century England all month ... 
The big coincidence is that I had forgotten I'd offered to host and have a tea party for my book club ladies if they agree to reading an Austen novel. 
My friend Ann reminded me Sunday ... Just in time to read 3/4s of the novel before we met to discuss it last night 
I'd been collecting chintz ware for about a year, planning a summer tea to enjoy it. I love mixed matched chintz ... The combo reminds me of a fun 30's flour sack quilt. 
Of course there were ribbon sandwiches and chicken salad in homemade puff pastry. 
Some of the puff pastry became cream puffs and what's more English than double ginger snaps? 
Of course if your going to do true Britush immersion  you need marmelaide, clotted cream and lemon curd! 
The table is well set ... May I say, a charming "prospect"? 
And all we need are apt readers. What a great group and such a lively discussion of Anne Elliot and her exploits at Bath!! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Man in the Blue Tutu

This is our oldest son!!  Crazy eh?  Well let me tell you about him. (Thanks to Nell for this picture) 
When does a mother feel proud seeing her son in a blue tutu? 
When that son rides his bike 140 miles and raises $2700 for cancer research.  

His wife, whose picture he wore, beat ovarian cancer last summer around the time she gave birth to their fourth child. 

She was miserable all summer, but insisted on holding her new baby as much as possible. That baby was the bright spot for her. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of her sweet and determined attitude! 

My son Trevor is normally clean shaven, even on top. But in raising funds on line he promised his friends he'd wear a blue tutu if he reached a certain amount for cancer research fund raising.  Then later he promised he'd grow out his hair for reaching a higher  goal, last of all for meeting the final fund raising goal he promised to dye his hair and beard blue for the race!! 
Mr P and Trevor's oldest and I all met him at the halfway point to cheer him on. 
My daughter Becca and her family met him around the 3/4 point and soaked him with water, for which he was grateful . Unfortunately her kids had used up their silly string while waiting 😊
We drove to Fort Douglas to welcome him at the finish line.  We joined Nell and their three younger children in their wait. 
We cheered for other riders while waiting for Trevor.  The announcer announced riders as they came in telling how much each had raised and who they were riding for, there were several cancer survivors as well.  I had tears in my eyes the whole time. What a beautiful thing it is to witness so much human goodness! 
Here's Trevor with his sweet family as Mr P memorializes the proud moment. 
Mom and Dad were proud as well!! 
This is a picture of our super hero the next day at our Father's Day BBQ!  We love this man!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Rusty Crusty Wonderful

As you know I went to First Monday Trade days a couple of weeks ago in Texas.  I thought it was about time I shared my goodies... 
At least the larger items. 
I'm a fool for a colorful watering can!! 
And I once remember in Bewitched when Samantha's aunt got caught stealing door knobs for her collection. They were like giant diamonds, she said. 
This tiny 50's red wagon was unresistable. 
And a stack of rusty lucky baskets wanted a ride to Utah!! 

Of course smaller globes are always a must for me! 
And salvaged wood always gets my attention too. 
The old bead boards from delightful southern porches will be sold at the mall as well as being made into projects by me!! 
& of course, wonderful rusty metal & ... 
My funkiest find was this grocery store milk crate that is "protected by Pinkerton's National Detective Agency'!! 

Junking is always fun, and I think that the rain drove away the faint hearted customers, meaning the deals were better and lasted longer!!  Woot Woot! 

I'll be sharing pictures of my smalls in a later post!