Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Art Group is Mushrooming

Yep!  It was time for my art group meeting again!!  Can you tell what our theme was.  
There were 6 of us this time. 
Shirley brought this cute arrangement to show us how to use our tart tin mushrooms.  
These are the mushrooms we assembled under her watchful eye. 
Trina brought these sweet tiny jars that we filled with moss and mushrooms we made with sculpy.  What a fun necklace.
Margo brought items to make this cute 'shroom shadow box.
In the back ground of this photo is my sweet mushroom pillow we each made, Jann did all the machine stitching while we beaded the design, and stuffed the pillow forms.
Kimmy designed these mini terrariums.
I taught wool felting with these fun felted mushrooms.

We even ate mushrooms. These sausage stuffed mushroom were made by Jann  and I added mushrooms with olives to the caprese kabobs I brought for lunch. 

All in all it was a lovely day spent chatting with talented friends!  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Keith's Antique Booth Artistry

My friend and fellow treasure's antiques  dealer, Keith has been busy this week ...

He changed his two large booths and this case this week. 
I love his style ... And his taste in product, these old cash register flags are so charming .
He's come to specialize in smalls, like those in this display of bone dominoes, pottery ink wells, watch faces and any number of tiny novelty items .....
Like antique wire frame glasses frames. 
Or colorful metal children's garden items. 
Here we step back to view a larger area!! 
His sense of proportion sometimes allows for odd bed fellows like tea cups and flower frogs. 
Post cards are always a staple...
As are old photos ... 

He also has lots of stereo view cards. 
Seasonal goodies are available all year here!! 
As you see... 
A tiny vintage Christmas tree can show up anywhere. 
His vignettes are always charming. 
And his collections can be fun, like these old beakers, ready for your mad scientist display for Halloween. 
He's come to specialize in rusty cut out metal letters!  A real favorite with our customers. 
Seeing his spaces at Treadures Antiques is always a treat for me!  These booths are in our south mall, but he has more notable displays in his booths at the north mall as well. If you want to see his merchandising artistry just ask to see number 17s booths in either store!!  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Friends She Sheds and Garden Houses

I've been thinking about my garden house lately...
This picture is from last year ... There are no flowers in the picnic baskets, turned planters this year, because one of them rotted out and after I replaced it I had to paint both to match and then hated the new color ....  But it does have me thinking of how many friends I have who also have she sheds of  one sort or another. 
This is a shot of my friend Sharon's 'She Shed'.  Her's is actually a historic building. A one room bachelor's house built for a family member who needed his own space many, many years ago. 
This two story house was shared with me by my friend LaVern, it's actually her brother's play house built for visiting grandchildren. and is at his house next door. 
I actually became friends with Joanne because of her 'She Shed'. She was a customer I met working at the antique mall. We next became Instagram friends, then after she posted pictures of her little house, she allowed a drooling me to come and visit it, and even let me take pictures with her phone, as I'd forgotten mine, to do a blog post!! (That was some sentence!)!

Joanne's cottage started life as a play house her husband built for their daughters. Of course her daughters are grown now, so Joanne inherited it!! 

This charming 'She Shed' belongs to my friend Wendy. The shed came with the historic house she and Mr. C renovated 15 years ago. But she claimed it and made it her own. She mostly uses it as a restoration shop and for antiques storage!! 
My friend Jill, who lives a block away, recently built her own 'She Shed'. She calls it a grandma house and has it fixed up for sleepovers. 
My friend Jann sent away for house plans to build her Garden House, they finished it just in time for a grandson's wedding!  Yes!  Deadlines are the best!! 
Then last weekend my friend Lyn and I went junking together, for what I hope is the first time!  I was not surprised that she too has a darling She Shed .... Her yard is beyond charming and her shed is for storing away garden tools!  Fancy That!! Still, it has her distinct artistic touch, which adds much charm to her garden! !! 
... And now for the piece de resistance of my collection.  This extensive play house was build by another Treasures customer, who I've come to consider as a friend. Marcelle built this charming cottage largely by herself, contracting out just a few of the trickiest details. 

 I have actually never seen the house in person, but Marcelle has been kind enough to share pictures with me to keep me up on her decor changes!! 

And yes, she has invited me by to see it!! She is one of the most gracious people I've met ...  

Thanks for coming along to review these fun structures. It's still amazes me that I am personally aware of so many!! 

Have you been tempted to become a she shed owner??