Monday, July 2, 2018

Kimi's Patriotic House

After our last art group, Kimi invited me to check out her latest decor.  Kim is wonderful at focusing on the season, or holiday in her decor.  I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I thought you might enjoy seeing happy red, white and blue to help you get in the mood for the Fourth of July this week.

 I adore this table.  Kimi has it out all year, but it is the star of the show in the summer.  How cute is the folded paper hat?!
 I am utterly charmed by this Betsy Ross beauty in a shadow box.  Have you ever seen anything more fun?
 Kimi mixes in circus fun with her red, white and blue.  This poster is enormous!
 She's amazing at putting together ordinary objects in a way that they add up to patriotic fun!
 Here's a bit more circus color.
 A bit of patriotic.
 Seasonal add ons.
Mixing and matching red and blue transferware will always get my attention and approval.  How sweet is the patriotic primitive doll in the antique sterilizer?
 Crowning the mirror!
What fun it is to tour Kimi's house during any season.  I hope you have enjoyed the fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Jenn of 3 Dotters Garden House Tour

 I had a wonderful surprise last week.  My friend Jenn had a vintage sale, and everyone knows that Jenn has the best stuff.... but the loveliest part is that she invited me, while I was there, to sneak into the back yard and see the charming she-shed or garden house.

Jenn and I used to have a Vintage Flea Market together called Flea-o-logy, along with another talented antiquer, Cathie.  We went to Farm Chicks together once.  Later Jenn took us, and our friend Wendy to a California flea market.  Jenn always found the best stuff.
She loves vintage original florals, old cupboards and ironstone too.  And there they all are in her expansive garden house. (Her's is double the size of mine)

Stepping back you can see  more of her collection of paintings.

 Taking a picture in another direction shows even more.

The collection is charming.
She also loves the lovely art pottery flower pots from the thirties through the fifties.  I've collected them for years, but have only kept the white ones in my garden house, which has been mostly white.  I am now adding some color, so I might started adding the colored pots too.  Don't you love them?

Like most of us, Jenn has long been a fan of mannequins.  I thought the piano keyboard was a great addition to the vignette shown in one corner of her garden house.
 I saved this wonderful prefinished look upholstered couch for last.  Isn't it wonderfully charming?  I love the repurposed wood floor as well.  Her husband is a star.  He is amazing, and the best part is that he will build one for you, if you live somewhere around Utah County.  If you'd like to contact him, you can connect with her at her 3 dotters business page.

Here's a peak at the front porch of the garden house.
I hope you enjoyed your tour.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Crafting Americana

Here we are at our craft group.  I thought I'd share our patriotic project.
 Kim always sets up a fun table for our crafting pleasure.  Jann has got the jump on the rest of us.
 Here is everyone who attended with their projects.  Starting on the left are Joanne,We are mostly cleaned up ... There are ten of us in this group, but a turn out of 7 is typical, as we are all busy girls. 

Here is the parade of the finished projects.  Our friend Shirley made us all pin wheel kits.  I think Margo's turned out adorable. I love how she added the scrabble tiles, which was one of my contributions.
 This is Ann's creation. I love her fancy starred paper straws she used for her pinwheels.
 Jann made hers into a tribute to the seamstress, Betsy Ross.
 Jann brought back Blue Bell ice cream containers from Texas! Isn't Joanne's amazing.  I love the bow from a flag idea.
 Someone else brought the tinsel sprigs. Shirley always does amazing things.  Don't you love it?
 Don't you just LOVE Kim's picket fence?  What could be more American than that?
The last one is mine ... Kim provided the flag lady graphic and the star on the base, Jann the container,  and the sparkler box addition, Shirley shared the pinwheels kits and the sparkly sprigs. I don't recall who shared the milk caps and sparkly filler, but thank you friend. I love the ideas and materials we all share.
Here's the whole group!  I hope your Fourth of July is fun, memorable and colorful too.

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