Monday, July 6, 2015

Fairy Garden Sign Posts

I had some fun last week with some old pickets we salvaged from one of our rental houses ...
I decoupaged torn edge papers onto the boards ... I used scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and even some scented draw lining paper I liked ... but  I definitely liked the look of the wrapping paper best because it is unseamed.

Here I turn over the lettering I plan to use and scribble a pencil across all the lines I want to transfer.

Then I turn it over and trace it, leaving the letter shapes on the board ...

Next I outline it with a permanent sharpy marker, which just left filling in the letters with craft paint and a fine brush.
Last of all I went over them with Varathane ... the one on top got two coats ... nope, too shiny, the others had the varnish soak in a bit, so its more natural looking but still protected ...  Can you see how the rough grain of the wood shows through the thin paper?  The trick for that is to run your fingers over the final coat of decoupage medium while its still wet to press the paper down into the grooves of the old wood.
 I would like to credit Anne's Attic Design for being the mother thought of this project .... I love meeting new bloggers who trigger ideas in my head ... thanks Jo!

And why, you may ask, do I need so many garden signs?  The truth is, I don't, but fleaology is this weekend and hopefully some of my wonderful shoppers will need one or two of these beauties!!  Stay tuned for fabulously fun fleaology fotos!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bloggers Gather for Luncheon.

Last weekend I was invited to a bloggers' luncheon hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, Jann Olson of Have a Daily Cup.

She set a lovely table with so many points of charmed interest we were absolutely entertained! 
The table was divine and the food was delicious. 
Did you notice the sweet soft linen table cloth or the scrabble tile place cards? 

I loved the punch cup vignettes which hung from the chandelier on lengths of lace. 

The tiered centerpiece was darling... 

... and these sweet vintage birds were a favorite detail! 

It was fun to meet good friends like Joanne, next to me and our hostess, Jann, second from the right. Jo and Trina are also bloggers and shared great stories. Now I have two fun new blogs to follow! This is Trina's blog.  This is Jo's blog. 
Trina even brought each of us a patriotic pie, which Mr P greatly appreciates!! 

It was also fun to wander around Jann's amazing decor!  
Such a sweet room.  ... 

I was smitten by her red transfer ware collection, as I've collected it for years myself.  Her display is just perfect!! 

I was just awestruck by this fun chair. It is so inviting!! 

I'm just so glad that Jann was so kind and shared her over flowing cup, I had such a lovely afternoon!! Thanks Jamn!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Historic Fourth of July Pennant Banner.

It's almost July, so of course, I'm in the mood to make banners!!
I started by cutting American history pictures from a coffee table Americana  book I'd was ready to get rid of. 
I mounted them on card stock and trimmed them festively. 
Adding old book paper lollies with stick on letters and tiny flags ... 
When I got home I painted the letters and used glittered fingernail polish to finish them off. 

Here it is hung in my dining room window!!  Happy fourth everyone.