Friday, June 22, 2018

Crafting Americana

Here we are at our craft group.  I thought I'd share our patriotic project.
 Kim always sets up a fun table for our crafting pleasure.  Jann has got the jump on the rest of us.
 Here is everyone who attended with their projects.  Starting on the left are Joanne,We are mostly cleaned up ... There are ten of us in this group, but a turn out of 7 is typical, as we are all busy girls. 

Here is the parade of the finished projects.  Our friend Shirley made us all pin wheel kits.  I think Margo's turned out adorable. I love how she added the scrabble tiles, which was one of my contributions.
 This is Ann's creation. I love her fancy starred paper straws she used for her pinwheels.
 Jann made hers into a tribute to the seamstress, Betsy Ross.
 Jann brought back Blue Bell ice cream containers from Texas! Isn't Joanne's amazing.  I love the bow from a flag idea.
 Someone else brought the tinsel sprigs. Shirley always does amazing things.  Don't you love it?
 Don't you just LOVE Kim's picket fence?  What could be more American than that?
The last one is mine ... Kim provided the flag lady graphic and the star on the base, Jann the container,  and the sparkler box addition, Shirley shared the pinwheels kits and the sparkly sprigs. I don't recall who shared the milk caps and sparkly filler, but thank you friend. I love the ideas and materials we all share.
Here's the whole group!  I hope your Fourth of July is fun, memorable and colorful too.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Kim the Artist and Her Amazing House.

Meet my friend Kim, and several other ladies from my art group.  Kim is second from the left.  Sometime while I was living in Finland, the site of our group get-togethers moved from Jann's house to Kim's.  Kim moved into a new home while I was gone, and it had a double garage size cabinet showroom, as the previous owner was a cabinet maker.  Kim made it into her crafting studio.

She also loves bees ... as show by this strand of bee lights on a mantel. I think it must be her spirit 'animal' since she's always as busy as one.

Kim loves a touch of whimsical in all her decorating, which is why she is so much fun to be around.  Don't you love this rag doll riding a rabbit?
Mushrooms, and the like, also find their way into fun niches.

Her guest rooms are so inviting.

 Isn't the scalloped book case, just the sweetest?  I love it.
 A whimsical treasury ...
 Who wouldn't love a screened memo board with lots of artsy treasures, some of them made by Kim herself, but many are made by other artists.  Kim is a great supporter of women artists.
 As one walks about this house there are a myriad of treasures to be discovered, and to find delight in.

I adore this red coo coo clock...  of course she had me at red with this one.

 This is the folding counter in her laundry room ... how cute is the buffalo plaid skirt?  I would never mind doing laundry in a room like this.

This sweet vignette is on the landing of a stair case.
 Everyone knows how I love a fairy garden, and this one is the best because its built in her grandfather's wheel barrow.

Last of all I'd like to share this adorable project that my art group did while I was gone.  I did love following them on Instagram and FB to see what they were making.  I, of course, to tryed to be jealous, as they are all so talented.
 Yes, Kim is our Queen Bee, there are several very talented artists in this group and it is wonderful to be a part of it.  A special thank you to Kim for her willingness to share her creative space and talents (and usually some supplies too) with us all.

We'll be garden touring at each other's home next month ... I can't wait.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Teacher Appreciation with a Circus Theme

 This is my daughter Britt who will be 43 this year.  She just graduated from college with a dual major in French and English.  
 She is also the most supportive PTA parent I have ever met.  She was in charge of Teacher Appreciation week.  This cute bulletin board was created by another PTA parent.  I love it.

The day after Britt graduated she went to work putting together said teacher appreciation week.  Since her Dad and I had stayed on, after the rest of the family headed home, we helped her as much as we could.  Here she is using plastic table clothes from the dollar store to create a circus tent feel in the teachers lounge.
 This is the photo booth she created so the teachers could create memories of the fun week.
These are the props for the photo booth.
The table center pieces were my contribution.

On Monday she put together an Italian Soda bar.  On Tuesday she did a nacho bar, including a chocolate fountain running nacho sauce.  One day there were breakfast sandwiches, etc. 

I thought I'd share a couple of the teachers' doors in the Greatest Teachers on Earth tradition, in keeping with the 'Greatest Showman/Circus' type theme.

She did a great job and got lots of compliments.  We were proud of her.