Monday, August 31, 2015

Another She Shed

So, yes, I do love little houses. 
This one's a bit more elaborate than my garden cottage. 
It belongs to the brother of one of my walking partners. 
I thought it was amazing. Lavern's brother was a school teacher and did construction in the summers.   The man has skills! 
Spiral staircases are always fun!! 
And here's a shot of the loft. 
The front door has a peek hole 
With a little door on it! 
And here it is opened. 
This is a side view, I love how he mixed the brick and stone. Great job Cslvin, thanks for letting me share your talents! 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Up And Coming Junker!

I had this cute boy for a few days ...."but junking must go on".  Here he is at fellow antique dealer's yard sale !!  Love those!  
Another dealer sale and an hour at a second hand store ("We were in that store too long Grandma !")  and we headed to Vine Street Antiques, a favorite stop! 

These are a few of my favorite spots in the store. 

This amazing Victorian stick and ball crib is beyond charming! 

Then we hit Trader Joes, he loved the shopping cart that was just his size!  And so was the watermelon. 

I'd planned to take him to McDonalds  and its play place for lunch, but he's 'too old for that,' evidently.  I offered Cafe Rio and he was on board. Who knew this 6 year old had such good taste!! 

Gotta train them young, right? 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Having Tea with the Help

This is the help. Pretty cute girls, eh. Their names are Marysa and Hanna.  I bought them back in June!! 
Yep, you heard right,  they were for sale at the girls' camp fundraising spaghetti dinner and auction!  Here is my husband between good friends Jane and Brent (with Eli photo bombing) 
This is the other goodies I bought at auction!!  I paid $20 for two twelve year olds to do yard work for a hour and a half.   

The first picture of this post was taken the first time they came in June. After that I hired them to come weekly, except when one was on vacation, for the rest of the summer. 
The first time, when they were pulling errant mint out of the Rose bed, they commented on the smell.   I explained about herb tea, and asked if they'd like to try it.   They agreed. We usually had our tea in my garden house, I just never thought to take pictures. 

As you can see, one day I served them their tea on the front porch. 

Over the summer we had rose petal tea, lemon balm tea, camomile tea,  mint tea and lavendar tea, all from my herb garden 
Here they are on our last day. I asked them to write to the niece of a fellow Pyrex Pirate who is their age, loves snail mail and who has cancer. 
Then it was out to my free spirit garden, where I allow morning glory volunteers to climb and bloom among my tomato cages ... where they worked on saving the rises from being choked out by free ranging fgrass 

Then it was time for our final tea party 

What fun girls, they've added so much to my summer, and best of all I've spent at least an hour and a half every week in the garden!! 

I shared this link on Rose Chintz Cottage.