Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring City Historic Home Tour

 Last weekend, Mr. P and I took a breather from real life and headed south an hour to Spring City, which has been designated as a National Historic District.  They have a historic home tour every year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  This year we went down on Friday and spent the night at the historic Spring City Inn.

The home above was the first we visited on the tour.  It is meticulously restored and decorated by the well known local decorator, Scott Peterson.

 The home is comfortable and cozy, and features original art, which most of the homes in the area include, due to the fact that much of the old town is inhabited by artists.

 The kitchen feels very peaceful, and I overheard another guest say that it was a 'live in kitchen', because you would never want to leave it.

 Matching modern cabinets with 'antique touches' flank an old pine kitchen table, like the one that would have originally resided in the house.

Next we head upstairs.

 The exposed stone wall as you walk up the stairs, shows where a 100 year old addition meets the original exterior wall.  The house is made of limestone, as are most of the houses in town.  The historic Mormon Temple in neighboring Manti, was also built of limestone, and I was told, while on this tour, that the houses in Spring City, save one, were built from stones that did not pass muster for the temple.  The locals call these rubble. The one 'better' house was built with the same quality stone as the temple, because the owner had the desire and the money.
There are four bedrooms upstairs, this one, I believe, is the master.  The other rooms are filled with beds, no doubt to welcome grandchildren when they come to stay and are made up with charming quilts.

I loved the framed crochet samples.  They are lovely and simple.

 When I came back down stairs, I noticed the finish on the floor in the dining room.  I love the patches of paint that were low lying, and were left in the grain, under the finish.
The house is absolutely charming, and perfect beyond what I would have thought possible for a house built in the mid to late 1800's.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Oh I loved this post ( I live in an historical neighbourhood myself )
    Gorgeous home - ( poor guy to have Scott Peterson's name though!!! )

  2. Thanks for the fun tour! My youngest son and his wife love to do the Spring City tour every year. They would love an old house, but my son...ever practical...says the wiring and plumbing would be a nightmare. Someday they plan to build a new home in the old style. I love the quilts on those spare room beds! I might rethink my "grandkids bed/playroom.

  3. Thank's for the tour. Love that home. I also loved the quilt's on the spare bed's...

  4. Loved this house! It is decorated so beautifully and it is so simple and clean looking. Thanks for sharing Paula! xo