Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Family Birthday Month - 4 birthdays in 6 days!!

When I had my ninth child, Becca, she was born on her brother Ben's birthday, we always said she was his 6th birthday present.  Ben, the first claimant of August 28 got to celebrate his birthday alone twice, before his brother Davin was born, two year minus two days later on August 26.  Then we celebrated them together.  Of course Becca's birth 4 years after that, again on August 28, meant that she never celebrated her own birthday, though she didn't have to share birthday parties, since I am pretty sure her big brothers would have resented princess birthday parties.
Many years later, my grandson J. Scott was born on Aug 23, which also happens to be my best friend Robin's birthday.  That makes for a lot of gifts and cards all at one time.  In fact the very day of our combined Perkins birthday party, Robin was celebrating her Niftiest birthday, so we got to go and eat cake there too!!
Here we are at Trevor's house.  His wife Nell agreed to allow us to celebrate at their house so that Ben, who lives in Salt Lake would agree to come, (They are 30 miles closer to Salt Lake) on his birthday to celebrate with his family.  Thanks Trevor and Nell.

Sister Emily came to help us celebrate as well.  As you can see she is working on someone else's birthday in September.  Next is Davin, another birthday boy (27), with his son Elias.
Here we see J. Scott opening his gifts.  J. Scott is 9 this year, his sister Eva, Uncle Sam, Aunt Darby and Grandpa Scott watch as he reads his card.
Birthday Boy Ben (29) is seen here chatting with two of his nieces, Kim and Elle.

And last, but not least, our birthday princess, Rebecca (23).
And here is our fun and festive cake.  Thanks Nelle.

And here is our fun and festive cake on fire, lit up with Ben's 29 candles, and with Ben ready to blow them out,  as we all sing happy birthday to him.  Imagine this scene three more times, which you have to do because my camera battery died, darn it.

Well that was our happy birthday month.  Should I mention that we have another birthday earlier in the month?  Ashley, my third child owns the first half of the month with a birthday on the 11th. Phew, thank goodness we can move on to September,a month in which we used to be birthday free, but in which we now have a mere three grandsons' birthdays and we will soon have a granddaughter with a September birthday as well.

.... and we can hardly wait!!

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