Monday, September 19, 2011

Antique Bottles Playing Dressup!!

OK, in all likelihood you are a girl, and we all know that all girls are not created equal, but any girl who is willing to take a little time and effort can look great!!  It takes some time, some chemicals, some wonderful fabric creation, with a bit of lace or ribbon and some serious bling!!  That's all!!
The same is true of antique bottles.  Many are overlooked because they are not in pristine condition.  They may be clearanced at the local antique store for just a few dollars.  But they can be fussed over a bit as well, and see what pretties they make? 

In the case of bottles the chemicals are glue, both tacky glue and hot glues.  Bottles look lovely in old torn muslin, trimmed with antique ribbon and lace.

Here's a bit of an old  millinery flower thrown in for good measure and then topped off with a bit of vintage junque jewelry.

I like to cap my bottles with a bit of something as well.  Sometimes just an old cork, or I also have been known to glue an odd jewelry bit on the cork, or I may just glue an antique tiny Christmas ornament into the opening, and voila' ...

Our formerly boring and plain Jane bottle is ready to gather with her spruced up friends and show off her great lines in her whimsical and feminine party attire. 


  1. See Paula...see Paula create! (*_*) You blow me away talented! xo

  2. Very very pretty!
    Visiting from Primp today.