Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Black and White Cow Dairy Sign

I wanted a cow shaped dairy sign in Black and White for my black and white kitchen. 
I chose Blossom because that's the name of our cow from my early childhood.  I like these crafty bits of decor to have significance.  
The idea was born after spending lots of time on Pinterest looking at dairy signs.  Then I saw this Hershy's add and knew I'd found it!  
I found this galvanized metal cut out at Hobby Lobby. It was $18. So with the coupon I paid a bit less than $11.  It's 12 by 18 inches. 
I started by spray painting it white, then ...
Added black areas. When they were dry I started stamping the letters with white paint. I used my finger to smear the paint on the stamp so I got just a light imprint. I then painted over them with a brush. 
Thanks for checking out my latest crafty moment! 

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