Monday, September 29, 2014

Spookie Spark Soiree - Halloween Crafts

Last week I had a chance to squeeze in a craft night before heading out of town ...  It was 'Just a Girl's (Margie Aslett) amazing Spooky Spark Soiree hosted by Jamie Soucy in Draper Utah!  

I signed on for two crafts, this cute Halloween party hat, and a small Halloween photo book!  

I met my friend Andrea there, because I wasn't able to get off work early to go together, and I ended up arriving a half an hour late.

The Halloween party hat space was in the garage ... but when I finished I did a self tour of the public rooms in Jamie's amazing house.

 Of course I always love pennant banners!

Ever rooms was happily decorated with Halloween goodies, ghouls and goblins ... it was so fun to just wander!
With adorable touches added to her normal decor!

 In the basement family room they were decorating festive skulls ...
 This is the book  I signed on to do, and I took pics so I can do it at home ...
 These cute girls are doing crows on stands .... so many cute crafties to be done!!

Here I am with Andrea, she is wearing her decorated top hat, and, I, of course, my decorated party hat ... because really, what other hat would I wear?!  Thanks for coming along to the soiree! Come back later this week to see my trip to Idaho and my visit to the Rust and Roses show in Boise that I had the privilege to enjoy!!

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