Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fleaology and Onion Days Collide

Here we are for set up day for fleaolgy
We were thrilled to have Parchment and Pallet and their great new canned ham selling station. That made three trailers which absolutely upped our party quotient. 

Two Pitts of a pear were back with their amazing wares in and out of their trailor.
And the American Homaker and her fun set up got back into action as  well.   Did you notice these traitors form a pastel color scheme?  Pink, pale blue and light yellow!!  So fun.

This last sale of the year coincides with Onion Days, Payson's City Days Celebration.  It always adds to our customer traffic and general festive atmosphere. 
Another addition for this sale was the 'torn stripe' entry!!
Here's a detail showing how I made it! 
Not sure if you can see our new clown stand or not. He does blend in.  
As always the dealers had tons of goodies!!

And of course the dealers are always amazing!! 

You may have noticed the varied formats of the pics in this post. The truth is that 'yours truly' had the flu on both on set up day and sale day. This necessitated photo theft!!

I can verify that everyone had fun though, since I live in the Fleaology house and 'while I lay dying' upstairs I heard constant laughter all day!!

... And a special thanks to Mr. Pollyanna for stepping in and taking over my responsibilities both days, with relative good grace!! Love you! 

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  1. I am so sorry you were ill...I looked for you high and low! It was a lot of fun this year...the prices were so reasonable. I purchased a lot of old tins and cheese graters and odds and ends for my crafts. I am already making a new spice tin ghouli with a tin I found. I hope you are recovering. =D