Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Fun and Romantic Valentines' Weekend

So my fun and romantic Valentines' weekend started with three hours of cookie baking on Friday morning.  While I was busy making cookies for a cookie exchange I had been invited to on Saturday morning, I made a few from my grandchildren, complete with their names, as well as a few for my friend Terry who had brought me treats, on the plate below, earlier in the week.  Of course one should never return a goodie plate without goodies .... BTW Terry, the cookie bars were amazing, not surprisingly since you ARE the Martha Stewart of our generation!!
That evening it was off for a surprise romantic get away with my darling husband who made reservations for a night at the Hines Mansion in Provo, which is probably the last Bed and Breakfast in all of Utah County.  It was a grand retreat, which included a movie and dinner.  I loved my hour tucked away in a jacuzzi bubble bath with my current read, Saving Cee Cee Honeycut.  The Inn was great, wonderful and old, having been built just a year after our own historic home.  There was fun theme decor and a delicious breakfast served around a big table with other patrons, family style.  Strawberry stuffed French toast was perfect for the holiday of REDness!!  Then the Inn Keeper shared fun stories about the Inn, like the fact the Butch Cassidy, who had been a friend of the original owners, had stayed at the home several times.  And for those of you who are Gone With the Wind fans, the entry hall is graced by an incredible French chandelier that once graced a mansion in the classic movie.  The woman who renovated the Hines Mansion purchased it for the tidy sum of $70,000 at a time when one could be a house for the amount!!

Next it was off to the cookie exchange at my friend Jennifer's house.  Jennifer is starting a new business renting decor items for weddings and events.  When she saw this white stand of mine, she instinctively knew it would make a great candy display.  I didn't see it then, but I certainly do now!!

She has also been collecting milk glass vases for her new business.  Again, I failed to see her vision, until I saw this wonderful display of tulips brightening her living room!! 

And this is the awesome pink chair that we saw Jennifer and Cathie Cox unloading from Cathie's van a few weeks back, on this blog.  Again, a hit, and soon available for rental from Jennifer's event rental!!

I loved the light and airy feel of Jennifer's paper lantern and paper sculpture display.

Here's another of Jennifer's crafty creations!

Of course finding kindred spirits at the event made it even more fun for me.  The funny thing about this picture is how we all found ourselves automatically mugging, while the camera was pointed at our shoes. LOL

And this is the most coveted prize won in the prize drawing that had something for everyone.  My friend Cathie won one of Jennifer's incredible celebration crowns for which Jennifer is famous, having even made a guest appearance on a local TV magazine show!! 

And here's the Queen of Craft herself renewing an old friendship.

Of course what crazy and crafty get together could possible be complete without fake mustaches.  I can't think why this idea has never occurred to me before!

All in all it was a delightful weekend of Valentines' fun, which unfortunately ended before Valentines day ... now to think of more ways to enjoy Valentines' Day tomorrow!!  Thanks to everyone who made my week so memorable!


  1. What a fun weekend those cookies and Jennifer's house is so cute! Fun stuff! (*_*) xo

  2. Paula, I am so happy to call you a friend. Your pics are great! I need to get some copies. That picture of you and Cathie is awesome!

    Love ya,

  3. Who ARE those dastardly women behind those mustaches? Love your photos, Paula, the new camera must agree with you. I love that you and Jen and I have junking in common! Your blog inspires me, might have to try it someday ;)