Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Quick Trip to Idaho and Helping My Daughter Reinvent Her Life!!

Scott and I left immediately after hosting our Empty Nester Family Home Evening Group on Monday night and headed to Twin Falls, Idaho, arriving at 3:00 (Yawn) A.M.  Brittany and Mike hosted us on an amazingly HUGE air mattress .... and I didn't see the light of day until 9:00 A.M.
Here we see Scott with the moving van.  Britt and Mike unloaded a lot of big stuff when they got to Idaho the evening before, at least of third of the van had been emptied.  Amazing people!!

This is Scott maneuvering the tread mill.  Britt is barely noticeable behind him...  That was the best I could do!  Note that it is starting to snow, good times.

Alex, 4, who had chosen to take the long trip with his parents on Monday afternoon rather than coming up with his brother Kai on Friday, started arranging some of his own belonging.  He loves stuffed animals, and this particular arrangement made me laugh ... the huddled bears vs the dinosaur ...

Here is the man himself!!

... and of course the lunch run!!  (Note the sack of Cafe Rio goodies ... from the recently proclaimed number one fast food restaurant in AMERICA!!  I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of the USA figured it out!!) This is the only picture of the exterior of the house that I was able to take, as my camera promptly gave up the ghost when I tried to zoom out to get the whole house .... Thank Goodness for the new camera that Rui's family gave us for Christmas!!

Now Britt and Mike are pretty much settled.  They have both boys in Idaho with them now.  Kai and Alex will start at their new schools on Monday.  The principal at Kai's elementary school has evidently won some amazing prestigious award.  Things bode well for the Mitko family of Twin Falls!!

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  1. Well that sounds like a quick trip Paula! You guys are always so nice to everyone! (*_*)