Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And HERES ...... Stacy's Amazing House!!

This Charming mirrored shadow box shelf welcomes you to Stacy's house.  Her soft palette calms you while the whimsical details delight!!
 This antique child's portrait is a personal favorite and I loved the crown so much that I went out and bought one for my house, (after applying the thumb screws to find out just where Stacy had found the delightful detail)!  This is such a sweet and charming arrangement!
 The lovely old cupboard in the kitchen is filled with fun and funky pink appliances, faux pastries and of course pink implements.  Note the small cuisine art on the top right, as well as the pink mix master and crock pot on the bottom shelf.
 Below is a close up of the right hand side of the middle shelf to give you an idea of the wonderful details Stacy's weaves together so artfully!
 This picture shows a lovely vignette that Stacy has put together in the open space above the 'cupboard of pinkness'.  This wall divides her kitchen from her living room, so this charming arrangement shows from both rooms.  She says that her husband thought she had lost it when she asked him to hoist the table up to the display area on top of the wall, but when she was done working her magic, even he thought it looked charming, though I am sure that he expressed that with some seriously manly words!

This sweet and romantic arrangement resides on top of an armour in Stacy's bedroom.

Touring Stacy's house is always a wonderful experience.  Finding new details is like a treasure hunt for the eyes and the heart.  Indeed, her romantic, royal yet whimsical style leaves one rested and smiling.  Thanks Stacy for a lovely, lovely afternoon!!


  1. And thank you Paula for being so sweet...such a nice writeup that makes my home sound so much more special than it is. You are a sweetheart! xo

  2. You know it's so funny that you would say that, because when I got done posting these, I thought "Good grief, I took so many pictures, but I still wasn't able to catch the wonderful essense of Stacy's house!" Really the sum total is so much more!