Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Reinvinting Kimberly's Room!!

Yep, its finally done. Though, I am thinking that Kim, who has been living in transition since she and her friend Shantell started stripping the wallpaper last summer, is feeling more closure than I am. At any rate, Kim loves it!
Here's our adorable, pretty as a model, Kim herself, dressed to match the room!  She's been a ton of fun to do the project with.  As, you may recall from a previous post, she hung in there with stripping the impossible wallpaper!

Here she is in another view with a glimpse of the fish tank that "had to stay".  I was lucky enough to find a sturdy table that was already black, at my favorite boutique for only $8.  This is also the best shot of the dresser that I painted in a black semi-glass oil based enamel ... the finish should last forever.  The drawer fronts are decoupaged in a Frenchie diamond check!!

This wall is a bit understated, as Kim asked me to leave room for her to add posters later.  These charming French Couture Advert plaques were a gift to me from my friend Stacy.  I told Kim that they are just on loan, as I adore them!!  (They were in my Black and White and Frenchie booth at the antique mall, with a NFS tag, to the frustration of several customers, for a long time!)

Here's a closeup of the 'Paris' pillow sham that I found at Treasures Antiques in Diane's booth (2160)!  She's had it forever, at least 5 years, so its about time that it finally found a home!!  I found the tiny heart and boa pillow on my way to Kim's yesterday, it was 75cents, brand new and complete with original tags!! Does it get better than that?

 These are those skimpy silver plate trays one sees everywhere for practically nothing!  I got the idea from my friend Becca's daughter Sagan's wedding reception. (I had Sagan in Joy School back during the late Jurassic period)  Sagan and her new husband had done the history of their pre-married life on the wall with pictures and paragraphs on this type of painted tray with scrapbook paper inserts, Adorable!!  I obviously loved it, since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right!!

Here's a close up of one of the Fleur de lis curtain tie backs.  I put this picture in for Bronwyn, who loves Fleur de lis,  in case she never sees the room.  It was Bronwyn's adorable pink and black and Frenchie room that got me kick started in the direction of doing Kim's room!!  Her inventive mother, Jennifer is a hot bed of terrific ideas for everything and anything.  Thanks girls!!

Here's a close up of one of the trays.  Its shows Kim (on the right) with her BFF, Shantel at Disneyland with us last year!!

So that is Kim's room!  The best part of doing the room was the time spent with Kim.  She is bright and bubbly and a joy to be around, so thanks to you too, Kim!!  And now on to redoing her brother Ian's room for his birthday in May.  At least I will have a bit of time off!


  1. Paula ~ wow, you did an amazing job on that bedroom! So adorable and so many good ideas! No wonder you are the Queen! (*_*)

  2. Paula,
    The room looks awesome. I really love the dresser. The trays are so pretty. I am sure I will use that idea sometime. What a wonderful grandma you are.

  3. Paula, love love love the room! You've given me some great ideas as well as the motivation to get to work on Sarah's room AND the flood-affected rooms. Kim's a lucky young lady!