Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reinvinting ME!!

Ok, this is not what you think.  This is not about changing my hair color, or makeup styling or even about losing all that dratted weight, nope ... Its about my changing attitudes over the years.  You see there was time when I thought that people who were big into Broadway plays were just snobs.... yes, I am sorry to have to admit I was once that small minded ... but there it is.  Of course those of you who know me realized that this changed about twenty years ago when we fell in with some serious 'groupie types', and we have never looked back.  

This week we had a chance to go and see Legally Blonde, the traveling version of the Broadway play.  It was fun to find out that our groupie friends happen to have a neighbor who just graduated from BYU's drama program.  She tried out for a part in Legally Blonde and got the LEAD!!

  We drove to Reno this weekend just to see the play, and were well rewarded!  The play was amazing, but the tour the star of the show gave us before the show was fabulous!
This is Nikki in front of some of the wigs for the show.  She wears two different wigs.  Oh, you may have noticed she is not blonde!  She told us that she is the first actress to play Elle who is not blonde, even though all have worn wigs made especially for them.  I guess in this business you can't risk a 'bad hair day'!!

                      Nikki showed us her 'finale dress' which cost $5,000.  Whoa, its definitely pink!!
 These are our friends Randy and Barb Moe, and their daughter Trina with her husband, Ryan. (Nikki, the star of Legally blonde is second from the right)
This picture is of friends, Robin and Jeff Heuer who are next door neighbors to Nikki's family in Highland.
We had a great time, and found Nikki to be a very gracious hostess.


  1. Hey Paula...looks like you guys had a really great time!!! Love the five grand PINK dress! xoxo

  2. I thought you would, in fact I thought about you a lot in the play where the Elle's wardrobe was 90% pink!! What can I say, pink looks good on blondes!