Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reinvinting the Antique Mall .... and how Polly is sadly reduced to stripping!

Its a time of change and upgrading around here. Treasures Antique Mall is looking better and better, AND so is my granddaughter room.  It must be that renewal you feel in January taking over.  I am shown to the left in Cathie's new booth at the antique mall.

 And opps ... we  got caught stripping.  I am working with my twelve year old granddaughter Kim remodeling her room, unfortunately it involved a lot of 'fingernail destroying' wallpaper stripping.  The wallpaper above the border zipped off in full sheets .... the bottom half, not so much! (Kim and I had a contest to see who could pull off the largest piece ... I held the record for three days, and kept bettering myself until Kim was finishing off the last corner and came up with the largest piece yet!! )  I am just lucky that Kim is an amazing worker, she even worked on it when I was not there!!
                                     Here is the work-o-maniac in person ... still smiling anyway.
And when I was not busy stripping wallpaper, I spent much of my week at the antique mall.  We have recently welcomed a new dealer to our Mall, Cathie Cox.  Cathie has been a great addition to the mall.  She seems to have a sixth sense for the business, and has been doing amazingly well.  Cathie has a lot of experience, having been in an antique mall before, as well as having done flea markets, antique shows and street fairs.  Here she is in her cute new booth!
   She has lots of fun fifties stuff, as well as vintage clothes, books, cards, and kitchen stuff!  Even those that don't buy from her make comments on how well put together her booth is. 
 Then, our common friend Jennifer stopped by to pick up a chair that Cathie had found for her at an estate sale last weekend!  Look at these buff women!  Being in the antiques business is better for building biceps than weight training, and there are no gym membership fees!!
 Well, here's the three of us, Jennifer Reid in the middle trying out the new chair, with me on the left and Cathie on the right.  Good times!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished room. She is lucky to have such a cool grandma with tres chic taste! Also you are so photogenic! I hate you!


  2. Paula, thanks for your kind words and all your support. I wouldn't in the Antique Mall if it wasn't for YOU! You're the best. Hugs. . .

  3. It is fun Stacy, do you ever miss your days in the mall? We definitely miss YOU!! And thanks Jennifer and Cathie, you guys know just what to say to make a girl feel great!!